Amazon Rewards for No-Rush Shipping expire tomorrow — Check & Spend Your Credits

If you’ve selected slower shipping options or Amazon Day shipping, where you delay orders so that multiple orders arrive on the same day, for Amazon orders recently, you probably have Amazon Reward credits that will be expiring tomorrow, March 15. Visit the Amazon Rewards Summary Page to view your credit balance and see how much of it will expire tomorrow. If you’re looking for something to spend your credit on, the Prime Video Deals page is a great place to start. If nothing stands out, take a look a the Amazon Music Deals page or the Kindle Deals page. If you still can’t find something, please consider supporting my apps with your credits. You can donate your credits within my Downloader or Informer apps by selecting any donation button. Donations will automatically use any available reward credits before charging your card. You can also use the credits to remove the interruption (which appears about every 10 launches) in any of my Loader Shortcut apps.

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  1. Thanks for the reminder Elias…and don’t waste those credits by letting them expire…DONATING to Elias (no, I do not know him other than thru these communiques)…to a worthy cause. Thanks for doing all you do to help keep us on top of the most recent Amazon Fire News and best pricing. And happy Pi day as well…

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