Amazon restores voice dictation for on-screen keyboard with latest Fire TV update

A new software update has just started rolling out to Fire TV devices that restores the ability to use the voice remote to dictate what you would like typed into the on-screen keyboard. With the previous update that revamped the Alexa interface on older Fire TV devices, Amazon inadvertently broke voice dictation for the keyboard, but now they’ve made good on their promise to restore the functionality as soon as possible, by doing so in record time.

The new software update carries the same software version number as the last update, but has a new build value of 617513120 that differs from the last build value by just one digit. This new update has only been spotted on the Fire TV 1 so far, but it will likely be coming to all Fire OS 5 devices, which include the Fire TV 1, Fire TV 2, Fire TV Stick 1, Fire TV Stick 2, and the 2017 Fire TV Edition models. The Fire TV 3 (Pendant) also lost the ability to use voice dictation with its most recent software update, but it would require a different update from this one to restore the functionality because the Fire TV 3 is running Fire OS 6.

It’s reassuring that Amazon was able to create and begin rolling out a fix that restored the lost voice dictation feature in only a week. It’s probably safe to assume that this update has no significant changes other than fixing voice dictation, but be sure to comment below if you notice any other changes.

  1. Tom says:

    Not sure what my problem is but, I am not seeing updates.
    You spoke of this update a week or so ago. My Fire TV 2’s are still at When I tell them to check for update, it shows that it checked but no update happens. I also, noticed this with an update that that you also spoke of that was said to be for the Newer OS (3 Pendent, and cube) updates as well. I didnt get it either.

    • AFTVnews says:

      Amazon releases updates slowly to a few devices at a time. So when I write about an update, usually only a small subset of devices have access to the update. Sometimes, like in the case of the first update, after a few devices have received it, Amazon will find an issue with the update and stop the roll out. That means some devices will never get the first update and will go from directly to this second version of the update.

      If it’s not your device’s turn to receive an update, selecting to check for updates will not force it to update. You just have to wait.

    • Mark B says:

      Don’t worry, I haven’t gotten any updates either. Still on on my old Stick 2. Haven’t checked the TV 1 or 2 boxes. updates might not reach everyone until Sept sometime.

    • Terry says:

      Received update on one of mine, still waiting on the other.

    • Gregg Gadonneix says:

      Sep 16 and I am still on
      My Chromecast has taken the HDMI spot on my living room TV and the FireTV (v2) has moved to the bedroom since it’s pretty plainly reached end of life. Bummer.

  2. Dean Lambert says:

    Just got the update here in the UK (well its still installing).

    Installing seems to take a bit longer than usual but I will have a play around with it in a bit and see what’s changed

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