Amazon reportedly considering its own live TV service


Amazon is discussing the possibility of launching its own live TV service, according to Bloomberg Business. A source says Amazon has reached out to CBS and NBC to express interest in carrying their channels on the new service. It’s unclear if negotiations have started or if Amazon is just looking into the economics of such a service.

With Sling TV’s success and Apple reportedly working on their own live TV service, it seems Amazon wants in on the live TV game. They are in one of the best positions to pull it off since they have one of the best back-end cloud platforms available and have the Fire TV customer base to directly offer a live TV service to. Judging by how much trouble Apple has had landing deals, it seems the most difficult part for Amazon will be signing up TV networks at a reasonable price.

  1. hdmkv says:

    Why does Amazon have to (try to) do everything? They lack focus as a result… I mean hardware, apps, streaming service, their own movie & TV shows, and um, they are an online store too.

  2. xnamkcor says:

    I look forward to Amazon removing things from it’s store that don’t work with its TV service.

  3. fjtorres says:

    Live video is a logical extension of video sales and rentals.
    Microsoft has been trying for 5 years. (Look up XBOX LIVE DIAMOND.)
    The networks are too tied in to the cable companies and too afraid of ala carte channel subscriptions to go for it. So far.
    Sling is the first real crack in the cable co armor.
    (Sony has a system but it is not broadly available.)

    For Amazon the value would be in tying it to Prime and using it to expand their existing advertising business.

    It could be interesting if they get the networks on board.
    Big. Big. BIG IF!

    • Tinwarble says:

      Not really with Sling TV since it’s owned by Dish, so it’s just them moving some services over from SAT to internet under a different name. I really wouldn’t consider putting a crack in the cable (or SAT)Co. armor.

      • fjtorres says:

        Fair enough.
        I see it as a “safe” trial by the networks, testing the waters with an existing player before letting others into the game.
        Somewhere in the back of their minds the networks do understand that at some point they are going to have to break from the cablecos, they’re just trying to finnesse it to avoid losing money in the transition.

  4. Vanb says:

    Jack of all trades master of none comes to mind. Perhaps, they should focus on fixing their hardware – you know, the Gen 2 Fire TV – for now. I can’t blame them for going in this direction. It is a natural extension of what they’re already providing with their video service, and everyone wants a piece of live programming pie right now. I’m just wondering where it stops.

    They could also stand to work on how they treat their employees. It does no good to grow all these services if people start boycotting you due to your poor treatment of the people who work for you. I’m a long time Amazon customer, and I love all the services that I can get through Prime, but I won’t be able to turn a blind eye if they start to completely overstretch their reach and become an “evil empire” of sorts. That stunt that they pulled in ’09, deleting those Orwell books from Kindles, had me second guessing whether to purchase their ereader. At this point, I’m just wondering what their end game is. Do they want to have their fingers in everyone’s pies?

  5. Vonda Z says:

    I actually think this is a natural extension of their pre-existing infrastructure and it would blend well with their on demand Prime/Instant Video service as well as their FireTV hardware.

    SlingTV can use the competition as their one stream service is too restricted for family viewing and their software is buggy and their service is unreliable – likely from not having enough bandwidth during peak viewing events.

    I don’t care much for paying for the broadcast networks on such a service, however, because I get them all OTA in HD for free.

  6. Dan says:

    You would have thought they would have their own shopping channel already?

  7. Dave69 says:

    I look for cable television to be a thing of the past one day with internet television replacing it. I can see Satellite staying around as high speed internet still won’t be available to all areas of the country, but their customer base will dwindle.

  8. BillH says:

    Someone needs to tell Amazon that OTA HD antennas give people FREE TV and you don’t have need a router for it. Amazon reached out to CBS and NBC? This is like Optimum Cable wanting to charge $20 per month for their basic OTA package. Hulu is like the basic channel package but it is on demand so I think that makes more sense. I would prefer on demand over live tv internet. I cut cable a long time ago as I went with HD antenna and I don’t miss cable at all. I have all the movies/tv shows/sports that I want and a lot more.

  9. HeyRadar says:

    Could Amazon just be trying to get the CBS and NBC apps like the Roku has? I know those are two apps that I can’t wait to get onto the Fire TV.

  10. Craig says:

    Well slingtv can’t handle the traffic for big events like walking dead or final four and mnf so Amazon would be very welcome with their server backbone.

  11. cosmos79 says:

    Maybe Amazon should consider devoting a little more effort to hammering out the considerable number of bugs in the AFTV2 before announcing yet another major venture. It makes them look unfocused and incompetent.

  12. Dustin says:

    I’m done with the Fire TV and Amazon devices. Its clear that they are trying to build up empire like Apple and I’m just not that interested. Originally bought in for Kodi and indie gaming, but when Nexus Player dropped to $50 along with adding Kodi in the Play Store I gave that a shot and I love it, and since I also have a XBOX ONE, the Fire TVs started to become less valuable to me. What made the decision super easy was the news about not selling Chromecast or Apple TV, garbage reviews for the new box, and then articles like this. I have zero interest in making Amazon my go-to when so many other Android devices offer so much more. I have a feeling I wont miss it, or Alexa lol.

  13. RgnKjnVA says:

    Give me regional sports (I’ll gladly pay!) or give me death (of my AFTV). Pay for live broadcast TV? Meh. Why would I want that? I have an antenna.

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