Amazon removes the Fire TV box from the “Fire TV Family”

Amazon has dropped the 2nd-gen Fire TV box from the “Fire TV Family” banner that appears at the top of product pages for Fire TV devices. The Fire TV Stick and Fire TV Edition television remain, but replacing the Fire TV + HD Antenna bundle is a new bundle for the Fire TV Edition television with an HD antenna. The Fire TV Family page also no longer lists the Fire TV box in the main list of products, but it does still include the Certified Refurbished Fire TV near the bottom.

At this time, the Fire TV box is listed as “Currently unavailable.” It has received that designation before, when supplies were very low, but it has never been removed from the carousel banner or the main Fire TV Family page.

This is all a good indicator that new Fire TV devices will be announced soon. The 1st-gen Fire TV and the 1st-gen Fire TV Stick both became unavailable and saw changes to their listings on Amazon’s site within a month of their successors being announced.

I’ve already found evidence of two new Fire TV models being worked on within Amazon. I don’t believe the current Fire TV Stick will be replaced this year, but the removal of the Fire TV 2 today further backs my theory that the recently uncovered “AFTA” Fire TV model is the Fire TV 3. I still believe that the upcoming “AFTN” Fire TV model I discovered is a mid-tier device that will be positioned between the current Fire TV Stick and a new flagship Fire TV 3.

  1. xnappo says:

    Yep. Been holding off on buying a second one to replace my Nexus Player as there have been ‘weird’ things going on with the FTV box stock. Yesterday it said ‘in stock 9/8’ and now saying out of stock.

  2. Charlie says:

    I feel an impulse buy coming on, whether I need it or not. haha

  3. Matt says:

    I had a bundle in my cart and it got pulled out

  4. OG Charlie says:

    I’m still betting that Amazon is done making high end streaming boxes and will take a page out of their tablet playbook.

    – Fire Stick will be for the lower end of the market.
    – The new Fire TV will be for the middle of the market. It’ll have HDR support and a smaller footprint but it won’t be much more powerful than the Fire TV 2 (or slightly weaker) since they’ll be focused on lowering the price.
    – The actual Fire TV television will be targeted toward the upper part of the market. Even though it’s in the lower end of the market for tvs.

    • DotWin says:

      I’m quite certain that the new Fire TV box will be at least slightly more powerful that the current one. The new box will be capable to present the menu fluently in real 4K, it will have HDR support and the remote control will be back to Bluetooth like the original one due to the obvious shortcomings of the WiFi remote of the 2nd generation (lags, etc.).

  5. DotWin says:

    I have a strange guess:
    Maybe Amazon will present a new accessory for the new Fire TV:
    A WebCam which can be used for video chats with other Fire TVs and (more importantly) with the Echo Show.
    Hopefully it would be a WiFi WebCam and it would be great if the Fire TV would also accept 3rd party WiFi WebCams for video chats.

  6. DotWin says:

    The timing for new Fire TV modeld could not be more perfect:
    Apple will officially anmounce their Apple TV 5 next Tuesday and I’m sure that Amazon wants to beat them with their own announcement – and when they start shipping.
    The same happened two years ago: The Apple TV 4 was released in October 2015 and the Fire TV 4K was released in September 2015.

  7. Rich Sohne says:

    Just upgraded a FTV1 with a broken remote and got the replacement FTV2 a week ago. Anyone got an opinion on keeping or sending back?

    • Matt says:

      I’d send it back and wait for the FTV3 to come out shortly. It’ll have better hardware and software, along with HDR capability. Seeing as that Amazon is on a 2-year refresh cycle, the FTV3 will be a smarter buy. It’ll probably be right around the same price as the FTV2 as well.

  8. Christopher Loughrey says:

    What I think is ridiculous is how you can’t use the new Amazon Video service available in 200 countries on your Fire TV. What’s the point in offering a streaming service to other countries if you actively block its use on your streaming boxes? Who wants to watch streaming on a tablet or a computer when they have a TV streaming box?

    • Eric says:

      Amazon is focused on the US, UK and germany. Would people be happier if amazon wouldn’t provide services anywhere else at all, instead of just limiting services?

  9. Chris says:

    Except the article is total rubbish as the FireTV 4k box is still listed and very much in stock!

  10. Anthony Smith says:

    The latest 4K model is still available to purchase on Amazon in the U.K.

  11. Charlie says:

    Does anybody know or think that a 1080P TV can be affected even a little bit by HDR?

  12. Charlie says:

    My understanding of dynamic range is the contrast between light and dark. High dynamic range will mean brighter brights and darker darks.

    My question, to be specific, is if my TV does not have HDR technology would I benefit even at the very slightest with a fire TV 3 that is capable of HDR.

  13. Jay says:

    Hmmm …as of 4:00 Friday, the U.S. Amazon website lists the Amazon Fire TV + HD Antenna Bundle as in stock on September 12.

  14. Tony Ramirez says:

    Can’t wait to order this thing. The 2nd Gen FTV is starting to show its age and it is getting slower. The 2nd Gen stick is already a slow peace of junk.

    • Nick says:

      Are you using the ethernet port or WiFi? Have you ever done a full factory reset and then loaded less programs and whatnot? I haven’t owned a FTV product before, but just curious about different owners experiences.

      • Charlie says:

        There is no reason your gen 2 should be slowing down on its own. Maybe you have network issues. I don’t really buy it, but support will tell you running Kodi (if you do) can be a cause of fire TV issues. The stick really shines if you have AC Wi-Fi and get very good or better signal or you can get an OTG cable and use Ethernet.

        • Tony Ramirez says:

          I am not talking about network performance I am talking about general sluggish of the apps and main GUI. Yes I did a factory reset.

          • Tony Ramirez says:

            Also I don’t run Kodi, Plex I am sick of hearing about Kodi this and Plex that and skip any news, videos about it. I run my own media by actually popping the disk into the disk player to watch local content.

  15. Paul W says:

    My fire tv stick 2 has got a little slow. Netflix is unusable now, it’s always really pixilated and unwatchable. It’s within the last few weeks. Not sure if it’s due to an update or what but I have to use my ps4 now which runs perfect so it’s not my Internet. And no I don’t have kodi. I only have factory default with Netflix installed. I think I’m going to return it actually.
    I will be ordering the ftv2 box as soon as it’s available, I only got this stick until it was released, I just didn’t think it would be this long of a wait.

    • Ryan says:

      I’m still running the first gen stick on all three TVs in my house so imagine my pain! I have been waiting and waiting on a new device so I will jump as mine certainly have speed issues. Will likely get two new ones, my main TV downstairs will be replaced with a Roku TV so then my fire will not be needed there other than as backup. I’d get a Fire TV but then new TCL P series is just too good to pass up. Amazon needs a TV with specs and performance as good as the TCL!

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