Amazon removes HDHomeRun app from the Fire TV Appstore likely due to Omniverse lawsuit

The official HDHomeRun app for Fire TV devices has been removed from the Amazon Appstore, as first spotted by CordCuttersNews. It appears as though the app was removed by Amazon, since SiliconDust, makers of the HDHomeRun networked tuners, are still trying to figure out why it was removed. The likely reason for the app’s removal is an ongoing lawsuit against Omniverse, which is the company that provides the streaming TV channels for HDHomeRun Premium TV, SiliconDust’s paid TV service.

Major Hollywood studios, including Paramount, Disney, Universal, and others, filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against Omniverse One World Television last week, according to Variety. They claim that Omniverse does not have the legal authority to distribute the programming that they provide to several streaming TV services. HDHomeRun Premium TV is likely the best-known service using Omniverse’s channel stream, but other streaming TV services, such as Dragon Box, BlendTV, VivaLive TV, TikiLive, and SkyStream TV have also worked with Omniverse.

I’ve reached out to both Amazon and SiliconDust regarding information about the HDHomeRun app’s removal, but have not heard back from either. Prior to the app being removed, I asked SiliconDust how the lawsuit may affect their service and they said: “Yes we are aware of the situation from last week. SiliconDust is not a party of the lawsuit, but we can be indirectly affected by Omniverse not able to continue their service and so we are in the process of finding out a way to best mitigate any potential interruptions to our service and will let our customers know as soon as we know if there will be any change to the current services.”

If you have the HDHomeRun app already installed on your Fire TV device, it will continue to work. Amazon has not pulled the app from devices. They have only removed it from the appstore, which means it cannot be installed on a new device. If you need the app installed on a new device, you can try finding the APK online and sideloading it. Alternatively, you can use 3rd-party apps, such as Plex and Channels, which interface with HDHomeRun devices. I suspect that SiliconDust will need to remove support for HDHomeRun Premium TV in order for Amazon to allow it back into the Amazon Appstore.

  1. Charlie says:

    Glad I already have the app on my fire tv devices. I’m not subscribed to the TV service, so maybe I will be OK. I just need to network OTA from the HDHomerun tuner connected to my Shield.

    • Gary Peterson says:

      I find it interesting that they took off the HDHomeRun app and not Channels

    • Gary Peterson says:

      I also have the app on my old fire tv devices, however I just bought a new one and can’t believe that Amazon did this! Silicondust did nothing wrong, Amazon should keep the HDHomeRun app in their store until the law suit is settled. If the plaintiff’s (Hollywood) wins and Silicondust does nothing then yes they should remove the app!

  2. Randy says:

    Channels works great; however, it cost a lot.

    • Charlie says:

      I think Channels is 25.00 and then 8.00 a month for DVR. I remember the app was on sale for 14.99 I think it was last summer. Maybe it’s time for a quick sale??

      I’m not wanting to pay for DVR, so I use the Live Channels app on my Shield for DVR.

      • Jon Maddox says:

        * Full disclosure – I’m a Channels dev

        The apps are all free if you’re an active subscriber, and the iOS is now free for everyone!

        • Utahanglo says:

          Jon I paid for Channels on my Apple TV, why do I have to pay again to use it on my Fire TV devices. That just isn’t fair “

          • Jon Maddox says:

            Unfortunately, the stand alone version are paid apps. App stores don’t share purchase information between the companies that run them, so they don’t know that you’ve already bought the app.

        • Charlie says:

          If a person subscribes and installs the app on different platforms will they all be linked for DVR and OTA TV or will each device has its own DVR setup? Hope that makes sense.

          • Jon Maddox says:

            They’ll all use the same DVR server you set up at home. Channels DVR Server provides a whole home DVR. You install it once and every app in your house (and out of house if you connect to it remotely) will see it and use it.

          • DJ says:

            Anyone have a good sideloading sure?

  3. Fred says:

    I use andriod tv live channels. I like the ability to switch back and forth between Pluto

  4. Llyod says:

    That would explain this: Alexa will no longer open the HDHomerun app on my Fire TV.
    I used to use that command all the time.
    Now when I ask Alexa to open HDHomerun, she just saus: “Hmmm, I don’t know that one’.

    • Llyod says:

      I reported the issue with Alexa and the HDHomerun app to Amazon, and this was their reply:

      I understand that you are unable to launch the “HDHomerun” on your Fire TV device with Alexa.

      I have checked and found that the “HDHomerun ” app isn’t available in the Amazon Appstore at this time. We’re constantly adding apps to our selection, and apps unavailable now may become available in the future.

      I’ve taken this as a feedback and forwarded it to Amazon Appstore team so that they can look at the matter future improvement, so that our customers won’t face such problems in future.

  5. shwru980r says:

    They are a direct competitor with the Recast. I’m sure that was a factor.

  6. Len Mullen says:

    Maybe Recast sales are disappointing?

  7. Brent says:

    This is disappointing. I was going to switch from using my Xbox One S as a media hub to a FireTV Cube… Guess I’ll stick with the Xbox now because I use the HDHomerun app regularly… Come on Amazon. :(

  8. Utahanglo says:

    Why is it Amazon allow much shadier apps in their App Store and yet removed a legitimate app for no proven reason. ?
    It has to be because Homerun is in direct competition with their Recast which isn’t selling as well as they had planned.
    That isn’t fair on many levels and makes me want to go back to my Apple TV’s and bin the Fire TVs

  9. Xavier says:

    Recast, Recast, Recast, they took off there biggest competition, it all has to do with greed.

  10. DJ says:

    Anyone have a good sideloading site for the app?

  11. That is unfortunate you can not get the app on Amazon. I don’t have one myself. I do have a HDhomerun Extend and use it for my Linux system and android and Roku etc. You should be able to use DLNA with the HdHomerun.
    The pay TV channels is interesting but don’t think it will take off as there is cheaper online options! I like my HdHomeRUn for mostly the over the air stuff and steaming it to a phone or tablet! I hope SiliconDust does not get sued I love there products!

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