Amazon removes developer’s 57 spammy games from Fire TV appstore

Last week, a game developer by the name of “Flying Leaf Arcade” flooded the Fire TV appstore with 57 new games. I mentioned in my weekly post about new apps that these games were all essentially the same crummy game with slight variations. In the games, you moved a character up and down the left side of the screen to avoid obstacles coming from the right. Instead of allowing you to change the character you move in the game or change the enemy you avoided, the developer released a different app for each different character and each different enemy. For example, one game was titled Forest Jump Shooter Dragon versus Turtle while another game was titled Forest Jump Shooter Dragon versus Pegasus. It was a bit surprising the games made it past Amazon’s review process, but thankfully Amazon took notice after the fact and has now removed all the games from the Fire TV appstore. I don’t think Amazon should approve or reject apps based on a quality metric, but I feel they made the right move here due to the spammy nature of the removed games.

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