Amazon releases their own web-based Echo simulator for you to try Alexa


Inspired by Sam Machin’s Alexa Web App, Amazon has released their own browser based Alexa simulator called While it’s primarily meant for developers without an Alexa-enabled device to have a way to test their Alexa Skills, anyone can login with their Amazon account and have almost full access to Alexa through a browser. There are the usual limitations, like not being able to ask for music to be played, but most of Alexa’s capabilities are present. The website is designed to resemble the Amazon Echo, with a neat light ring animation, however it functions more like the Amazon Tap because you have to tap and hold a button each time you speak a command to Alexa. If you’re new to Alexa, here is a list of things to try to get you started.

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  1. Christopher Loughrey says:

    Just told me what I suspected: that Alexa is very American-centric and has limited knowledge of anything outside the US. She can tell you how far one US city is from another, but she doesn’t know what you’re asking if you ask her the distance a city is from another city outside the US. That makes it a rather pointless fact finder

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