Amazon releases programmable Dash button


Ever since Amazon released their handy little Dash buttons, people have been hacking them to achieve tasks other than ordering products. Amazon has acknowledged the modding community that has sprung up around the Dash buttons and will soon be selling a programmable Dash button. This new button is very likely the Dash button we saw pass through the FCC a couple months ago. If the FCC document is to be believed, this new Dash button has Bluetooth capabilities, in addition to WiFi, and may pack in twice the battery power to last longer than the original.

Amazon CTO Werner Vogels says the new programmable Dash button can be configured to do everything Alexa can do, and more. You will need to have at least a bit of programming knowledge to achieve any task however, since the button must connect to AWS, Amazon’s cloud servers, before it will do anything. The new Dash button will be available from Amazon here for $20. Perhaps some day we’ll see a consumer friendly programmable Dash button that works with a simple smartphone app.

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