Amazon releases Official Weather App for the Fire TV and Fire TV Stick

Amazon has released an official Weather app for the Fire TV and Fire TV Stick. This free app is the first app Amazon has ever released for the Fire TV platform. Once launched, the app displays a left to right scrollable list of added locations with a brief summary of the current weather, including the day’s high and low temperature. Selecting a location from the list brings up a detailed forecast with a 6 day forecast, an eight hour forecast, plus sunrise and sunset times. Locations can be added by entering either a city name or ZIP code. The settings pane has a single option to display temperatures in either Fahrenheit or Celsius. While it’s not the most feature rich weather app available for the Fire TV, it’s great to see Amazon supporting the platform with a first party app.

amazon-weather-0 amazon-weather-1 amazon-weather-2 amazon-weather-3 amazon-weather-4

  1. robert says:

    nice but it’d be even better if it could be added as a widget or something.

  2. DnB says:

    That’s cool n all, but a few caveats for those that don’t know.

    1) You have to be running the native App manager (i.e., you can’t install Amazon App Store) to receive this app. The new deliver and download process they use doesn’t appear anywhere except the native UI shipped with the FireTV[Stick]

    2) It has cities already populated that you can’t seem to remove. Sure it’s probably prettier that way, but honestly I have no concern of how the weather is in Paris, when I’ve never been or plan to.

    I personally prefer the WeatherLive app found in the market:

    • AFTVnews says:

      If you scroll right from the main screen and stop on the city you want to remove, a “Remove” button will eventually appear. Pressing down will highlight the button.

  3. dbelleman says:

    Did they pull the app? The link above is dead.

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