Amazon releases new budget-friendly Fire TV 2-Series Smart TVs for those wanting a smaller TV

As expected from the leak earlier this week, Amazon has released its most affordable Amazon-built Fire TV Smart TVs. The new Fire TV 2-Series line of TVs announced today is available in a 32-inch size for $199.99 and a 40-inch size is available for $249.99.

As you would expect at these smaller sizes and cheaper prices, the Fire TV 2-Series doesn’t use 4K screens like Amazon’s Fire TV 4-Series line of smart TVs. The smaller 32-inch tops out at 720p HD resolution and the larger 40-inch size uses a 1080p Full HD screen. Both models support HDR10 and HLG, but don’t expect the screen’s direct-lit LED backlights to get bright enough to really showcase high dynamic range video well. They both also support Dolby audio and have a pair of 8W speakers.

Both sizes have the same port configuration which includes three HDMI ports, of which two are HDMI 1.4 and one is ARC capable. Note that there aren’t any HDMI 2.1 ports, as you get with all of Amazon’s other more expensive Fire TV Smart TV models, so these cheaper TVs don’t support eARC. They have one Ethernet port, which I expect tops out at 100 Mbps, one USB port, which I expect is USB 2.0, an optical audio port, and a 3.5mm headphone jack. Of course, there’s also Bluetooth and WiFi, which I expect to be WiFi 5 802.11ac but that hasn’t been confirmed.

These TVs also include an IR port for connecting an IR extender. This allows for control of other equipment that might be tucked away in a cabinet through the TV’s remote. Speaking of the remote, included is Amazon’s standard Fire TV Smart TV remote which you’ll use for all your voice commands, since these TVs don’t have the built-in microphones found in Amazon’s Fire TV Omni Seris line of smart TVs.

The new Fire TV 2-Series Smart TVs are available to order starting today and are ready to ship immediately from Amazon. In addition to the US, you’ll also be able to get them in the UK, Germany, and Mexico. Amazon says they’ll also be available at Best Buy starting May 11 in the US.

32-inch (720p) Fire TV 2-Series
US: $199.99 at
UK: £169.00 at
Germany: €189.00 at
Mexico: $4,499.00 MXN at

40-inch (1080p) Fire TV 2-Series
US: 40″ 1080p for $249.99 at
UK: 40″ 1080p for £209.00 at
Germany: 40″ 1080p for €249.00 at
Mexico: 40″ 1080p for $5,649.00 MXN at

  1. Teresa Branda says:

    What size batteries does the remote take?

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