Amazon releases Dash Buttons to the UK, Germany, and Austria


Amazon Dash Buttons are now available in the UK and Germany for the first time. The same deal applies in both countries where you essentially get the buttons for free as long as you use them once. Amazon UK is selling Dash Buttons for £4.99 and will credit you back £4.99 when each button you order is used the first time. Amazon Germany is selling them for €4.99 with the same amount credited back after first use.

As a reminder, each Dash Button is brand specific and you use a mobile device to assign it to a specific product. When the button is pressed, that product is automatically ordered and a notification is sent to your mobile device with delivery information, order total, and the option to cancel the order. As an added failsafe to prevent accidental orders, the button will not place a new order until a previous order has been delivered. So there’s no concern over a child or someone spamming the button with presses and placing dozens of orders. They may seem like silly devices to some, but they’re a nice convenience for everyday things you want to always have on hand.

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  1. Boudyka says:

    and neat lkle wifi device, to capture and turn the lights on/off

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