Amazon reduces the list price of the Kindle Paperwhite and Kindle Voyage by 25% — Update: Not permanent

Amazon has reduced the price of the Kindle Paperwhite and Kindle Voyage by 25%. What’s interesting is that this doesn’t appear to be a sale, since it’s the list price that has been adjusted, so it appears as though these are the new everyday prices for these two e-readers. This morning, the Kindle Paperwhite has dropped from a list price of $119.99 to $89.99 and the Kindle Voyage has dropped from a list price of $199.99 to $149.99. Both of those new prices match the lowest that these Kindle models have ever been, so if the discount is just a regular sale, it’s a pretty good one.

As you can see from my Amazon Device Buyer’s Guide, the Kindle Paperwhite and the Kindle Voyage are the oldest devices that Amazon still sells. The Paperwhite turns 3 years old at the end of the month and the Voyage will be 4 years old later this fall. Both models are probably overdue for an update and/or price drop.

Images of a supposed waterproof Kindle that resembles the Paperwhite leaked over a year ago. Perhaps this seemingly permanent price drop means that device, or one similar to it, will soon be released.


The Kindle Paperwhite has been flipping back and forth between $119.99 and $89.99 today, so it’s unclear if it’s getting a price drop or if it’s just a mistake.

Update 2

An Amazon spokesperson has told me that they have not changed the list price of either Kindle model. As of right now, the Kindle Paperwhite is back to $119.99 but the Kindle Voyage is still at $149.99.

  1. Nate says:

    I’m still seeing $120 for the Paperwhite.

  2. Joey Calisay says:

    Thanks for this! I realized paperwhite has been on sale last April at $79.99 which should be its lowest price ever not $89.99.

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