Amazon rebrands their Silk browser for the Fire TV

Amazon has pushed out a new update to their Silk browser for Fire TV devices that doesn’t appear to change anything other than rebrand the browser. The app, which was formerly named “Silk Browser for Fire TV,” has been renamed to “Amazon Silk – Web Browser.” The browser has also received a new bright teal icon that emphasizes the word “internet” above the name of the app. While this could be nothing more than a quick spruce up for the app, it could also be a hint of something bigger to come.

As the primary way for users to access YouTube on Fire TV devices, Amazon Silk has become an important part of the platform. Adding the word “Amazon” to the app’s official name, as well as Amazon’s trademark arrow under the word “internet” in the app icon, could be viewed as an emphasis of that importance.

Rebranding is often a precursor to more changes coming in the future. When Amazon rebranded the Amazon Echo app into the Amazon Alexa app, it occurred just before Amazon made their voice assistant available to 3rd-party manufacturers, which is what kicked off Alexa being available in so many products. While the rebranding of Amazon Silk on Fire TV devices likely won’t kick off the same product revolution, it might herald the release of new functionality or new devices.

  1. Randy says:

    This did fix the issue with playing video clips in Twitter.
    The Vid clips used to skip a second ahead every 5 seconds (awful).
    Now it plays smooth.

  2. Llyod says:

    They also rebranded Prime Photos to Amazon Photos.

  3. Brantome says:

    Some Show user(s) have spotted a device options/web options/ browser/Firefox or silk in their settings. Might be linked or maybe even bigger news on the Show front

  4. Fjtorres says:

    Maybe they’re looking to take Silk multiplatform.

  5. Daniel R Williams says:

    I am recieving Amazon Website when I sign out of other websites and and I have to x out of it every time. Why is it popping up and how do I delete it

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