Amazon rebrands Prime Video Add-on Subscriptions into Amazon Channels


It has been 9 months since Amazon debuted their add-on subscription service that gives Prime members the option to expand their available video library by paying extra for individual à la carte content collections. In that time, the collection of add-ons has more than doubled from the initial 30 bundles to 74 different subscription options. Now it looks like Amazon is rebranding the service into Amazon Channels. They still refer to them as subscriptions, but instead of subscribing to add-ons, customers are now subscribing to channels.

When Amazon rebrands something, it’s often a precursor to an upcoming announcement or product release. Last year, Amazon rebranded the then Amazon Echo App into an Amazon Alexa App. I correctly predicted that that rebranding was in preparation for a new Fire TV with Alexa capabilities, which I then broke the news for a few weeks later. I’m expecting a new Fire TV and/or Fire TV Stick to be revealed in the coming weeks and my prediction is that there will be an emphasis on Amazon Channels with the new device(s).

  1. They’ve got a ton of great options for channels. I’m really pleased with it. I still would like more sports, especially getting streaming services like NHL Center Ice.

  2. Ujn Hunter says:

    No interest in subscribing to any more services, but I’m a little bummed that Amazon seems to have also removed the “Prime” logos from all of their “Free” Amazon Prime streaming movies. i.e. In your “Watchlist” you can no longer look at the images of the titles to tell which are “Free” to stream, you need to select them an see if it says “Play Now with Amazon Prime”. :\

  3. Corbine says:

    Just discovered this website and really appreciate how helpful and informative it is. On Dec. 8, 2015 there was a posting listing all of the (at the time) available Amazon Prime channels, with their prices. Now that the number of channels has almost doubled, is there a similar listing somewhere? I’d like to price everything without having to open each individual subscription and track the info down.

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