Amazon rebrands all of Amazon Video as Prime Video, including purchases and rentals

Most people probably understand Amazon Video to be the place where you can purchase or rent movies and TV shows, while Prime Video is a subset of Amazon Video content that is included for free with a Prime membership. Amazon is now going all-in on Prime branding when it comes to their digital video library. All of Amazon’s streaming video, whether it’s purchased, rented, included with Prime, or subscribed to through Amazon Channels, now falls under the Prime Video umbrella.

Amazon has essentially gone through their entire site and replaced all instances of “Amazon Video” with “Prime Video.” The two services are now one and the same by name. If you’re watching streaming video from Amazon, it’s now technically coming from Prime Video, regardless of whether it’s included with a Prime membership or not.

Access to streaming video content has not changed with this rebranding. Prime members still have access to the same included video content as before. All Amazon customers can still purchase movies and TV shows from Amazon without being a Prime member, even though they are now confusingly purchasing said content from Prime Video.

Amazon performed a similar rebranding when they renamed the Amazon Echo app into the Amazon Alexa app. In retrospect, that can be seen as the turning point when Alexa broke free of Amazon’s singular smart speaker, the Echo, and began spreading into countless products. Time will tell if today’s rebranding of Amazon Video into Prime Video is as momentous.

  1. Elle says:

    Can you clarify? If you are a Prime member do you now have the whole library to view including (viewing only) the ones that are for sale or rent? If not, how do you know which are Prime if they’re all called Prime Video?

    Thanks for all your great work. So helpful to me.


    • AFTVnews says:

      The only thing that has changed is the name. Prime members still have access to the exact same content. No more. No less.

      Think of it like a store called “Amazon Video” which had a section inside called “Prime Video.” Now the whole store is called “Prime Video” but nothing inside the store has changed.

  2. Paul T says:

    That’s annoying and confusing. What marketing boy genius came up with this idea?

    • Paul T says:

      And not only is it annoying and confusing for Amazon Prime members– what about if you _don’t_ have Amazon Prime? You’ll think you can’t rent movies from Amazon any more!

      This move is stupid, both front to bottom and back to front.

  3. Tech3475 says:

    This was annoying, two sundays ago I was wondering where the app was only to realise they renamed it.

  4. Ghcgbb says:

    Prime Video used to be the name of the service for Latam content. Amazon Video for US only or “abroad” content.

    Now both are the same.

    I hope we can have access now to Fire TV’s Prime Video

    • The Brain says:

      There are reports that the Prime Video app has been released for the non-Basic Fire TV Stick 2nd-gen with the newest FW update version

  5. shwru980r says:

    I would imagine that many people will think all of the content is included in their prime membership and complain when they are billed.

  6. Ermic says:

    Ofcourse it would be defamation to assume that customers are now tricked into purchasing content for extra money, mistaking it for being included in Prime. Ofcourse that is not true. Ofcourse.

    • tech3475 says:

      I would advise anyone to enable pin protection for purchases, easiest way I can think of to avoid accidental purchases assuming the pin isn’t being used for age restriction.

      • nyder says:

        Not sure how you can accidentally buy/rent videos when the buttons are clearly marked. To “accidentally” buy/rent something off Amazon because you thought it was “free” isn’t something that would be happening.

        Now I’ve made the mistake of putting stuff in my watchlist that wasn’t free on Prime because of how they changed it, but I noticed my mistake the second I click on them to watch. Instead of having a “Watch with Prime” button, I had a “HD/$9.99” “SD/$7.99” type buttons instead.

        While I do agree changing Amazon Video to Prime Video is a bit confusing, they didn’t set it up to rip off people.

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