Amazon raises free shipping minimum from $35 to $49


Amazon has just raised the minimum order required to receive free shipping to $49. The previous free shipping threshold was $35. The last time Amazon raised their free shipping requirement was October 2013, when it went from $25 to $35. The only items this increase doesn’t affect are books, which actually saw their free shipping threshold drop down to $25. If your order contains at least $25 of books, then the entire order ships for free. This free shipping increase does not affect Amazon Prime’s free 2-day shipping.

  1. Eric says:

    I am always amazed how costly Amazon US is compared to Amazon DE. I pay 49€/year for Prime, which has not only the same but better services in germany (same day express delivery included). And those without prime had to order for 20€ to get free standard shipping (1-2 days), this was recently raised to 29€.

    Well, but the Fire TV costs exactly the same, just with € instead of $ next to it.

    For what you have to pay overseas to get Prime and what little you get in return, I really wonder why Amazon got such a success in the US.

  2. Frank says:

    First they destroy the competition with low prices, then when they are a monopoly, they increase the prices. Just wait.

    • Lucas Biatelli says:

      I think the same way, now they control everything. Too sad because I have been an amazon loyal customer for 14 years, I am a prime member, but honestly, I did not see this coming,

  3. Enuff says:

    Goodbye, Amazon. This is the straw that broke the camel’s back. I might even agree with a price increase, but gas prices have crashed. There is no justification for this but I’ll bet they’re doing it to drive people to sign up for Prime. Nope. I’ll pass and use instead.

  4. John Hammond says:

    Hello, Ebay! You look better and better every day.

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