Amazon promotional “No-Rush” credit expires tomorrow July 31st


If you are an Amazon Prime member, and order as many things from Amazon as I do, you may have some promotional credits set to expire tomorrow that you earned by selecting the No-Rush shipping option. You can view how much credit you have total by clicking the “Check your balance” button on this page (UK), but unfortunately it doesn’t tell you when those credits expire. To know how many credits you have that expire tomorrow, your best bet is to search your email for the phrase:

“credit must be used by July 31, 2015”

The promotional credit can be used to purchase eBooks, MP3’s, TV Shows, and Movies. If you’re not sure what to buy, try browsing these $5 albums, or read on for a list of TV shows and movies that have just gone on sale this morning at all time low prices.

TV Shows


  1. Magister says:

    Thanks for the tip. Used my credit.

  2. Matthew the frog says:

    I had $12, so I bought a movie that cost $12.99. The result was it cost $11.99 (it is, as it says, a $1 OFF promotion). I think the remaining $11 will go unclaimed.

    • Ujn Hunter says:

      Shouldn’t have worked that way… I’ve been able to purchase Movies/MP3s for $0 because it uses my “Credit”. Sadly the new “No-Rush” credit is a silly $5 off Pantry order, which is just one per order so it’s useless. Ugh.

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