Amazon Prime Video is now officially available in over 200 countries

Amazon has officially made good on their earlier announcement by making Prime Video available in over 200 countries and territories around the world. They’ve launched a new website at where individuals living in regions without an official Amazon site can go to sign up for the global video service. Customers who are already Prime members in Belgium, Canada, France, India, Italy, and Spain will immediately have access to Prime Video at no additional cost to their Prime membership. Those signing up for the à la carte global Prime Video service will pay $2.99 USD (or €2.99) per month for the first six months, and then pay $5.99 (or €5.99) per month after the introductory period ends. All new customers will receive a 7-day free trial.

The content available will vary by region, but most global customers will have access to Amazon’s original content like The Grand Tour, Transparent, Mozart in the Jungle, Goliath, and others. Amazon also says most of their original kids series are also available, as well as “hundreds of popular movies and TV shows from top networks and Hollywood studios.”

Here is the full list of 242 countries and territories:

Afghanistan ($2.99)
Aland Islands (€2.99)
Albania (€2.99)
Algeria ($2.99)
American Samoa (Included with Prime)
Andorra (€2.99)
Angola ($2.99)
Anguilla (€2.99)
Antarctica ($2.99)
Antigua & Barbuda ($2.99)
Argentina ($2.99)
Armenia (€2.99)
Aruba (€2.99)
Australia ($2.99)
Austria (Included with Prime)
Azerbaijan (€2.99)
Bahamas ($2.99)
Bahrain ($2.99)
Bangladesh ($2.99)
Barbados ($2.99)
Belarus (€2.99)
Belgium (Included with Prime)
Belize ($2.99)
Benin ($2.99)
Bermuda (€2.99)
Bhutan ($2.99)
Bolivia ($2.99)
Bosnia and Herzegovina (€2.99)
Botswana ($2.99)
Bouvet Island (€2.99)
Brazil ($2.99)
British Indian Ocean Territory (€2.99)
British Virgin Islands (€2.99)
Brunei Darussalam ($2.99)
Bulgaria (€2.99)
Burkina Faso ($2.99)
Burundi ($2.99)
Cambodia ($2.99)
Cameroon ($2.99)
Canada (Included with Prime)
Cape Verde ($2.99)
Cayman Islands (€2.99)
Central African Republic ($2.99)
Chad ($2.99)
Chile ($2.99)
Christmas Island ($2.99)
Cocos (Keeling) Islands ($2.99)
Colombia ($2.99)
Comoros (€2.99)
Congo ($2.99)
Congo, Democratic Republic ($2.99)
Cook Islands ($2.99)
Costa Rica ($2.99)
Cote D’Ivoire ($2.99)
Croatia (€2.99)
Curacao (€2.99)
Cyprus (€2.99)
Czech Republic (€2.99)
Denmark (€2.99)
Djibouti ($2.99)
Dominica ($2.99)
Dominican Republic ($2.99)
Ecuador ($2.99)
Egypt ($2.99)
El Salvador ($2.99)
Equatorial Guinea ($2.99)
Eritrea ($2.99)
Estonia (€2.99)
Ethiopia ($2.99)
Falkland Islands (Malvinas) (€2.99)
Faroe Islands (€2.99)
Fiji ($2.99)
Finland (€2.99)
France (Included with Prime)
French Guiana (€2.99)
French Polynesia (€2.99)
French Southern Territories (€2.99)
French West Indies – Guadeloupe (€2.99)
French West Indies – Martinique (€2.99)
Gabon ($2.99)
Gambia ($2.99)
Georgia (€2.99)
Germany (Included with Prime)
Ghana ($2.99)
Gibraltar (€2.99)
Greece (€2.99)
Greenland (€2.99)
Grenada ($2.99)
Guam (Included with Prime)
Guatemala ($2.99)
Guernsey (Included with Prime)
Guinea ($2.99)
Guinea-Bissau ($2.99)
Guyana ($2.99)
Haiti ($2.99)
Heard Island and McDonald Island ($2.99)
Honduras ($2.99)
Hong Kong ($2.99)
Hungary (€2.99)
Iceland (€2.99)
India (Included with Prime)
Indonesia ($2.99)
Iraq ($2.99)
Ireland (€2.99)
Isle of Man (Included with Prime)
Israel ($2.99)
Italy (Included with Prime)
Jamaica ($2.99)
Japan (Included with Prime)
Jersey (Included with Prime)
Jordan ($2.99)
Kazakhstan ($2.99)
Kenya ($2.99)
Kiribati ($2.99)
Kosovo (€2.99)
Kuwait ($2.99)
Kyrgyzstan ($2.99)
Lao People’s Democratic Republic ($2.99)
Latvia (€2.99)
Lebanon ($2.99)
Lesotho ($2.99)
Liberia ($2.99)
Libyan Arab Jamahiriya ($2.99)
Liechtenstein (€2.99)
Lithuania (€2.99)
Luxembourg (€2.99)
Macao ($2.99)
Macedonia (€2.99)
Madagascar ($2.99)
Malawi ($2.99)
Malaysia ($2.99)
Maldives ($2.99)
Mali ($2.99)
Malta (€2.99)
Mariana Islands (Included with Prime)
Marshall Islands ($2.99)
Mauritania ($2.99)
Mauritius ($2.99)
Mayotte (€2.99)
Mexico ($2.99)
Micronesia ($2.99)
Moldova (€2.99)
Monaco (€2.99)
Mongolia ($2.99)
Montenegro (€2.99)
Montserrat (€2.99)
Morocco ($2.99)
Mozambique ($2.99)
Myanmar ($2.99)
Namibia ($2.99)
Nauru ($2.99)
Nepal ($2.99)
Netherlands (€2.99)
New Caledonia (€2.99)
New Zealand ($2.99)
Nicaragua ($2.99)
Niger ($2.99)
Nigeria ($2.99)
Niue ($2.99)
Norfolk Island ($2.99)
Norway (€2.99)
Oman ($2.99)
Pakistan ($2.99)
Palau ($2.99)
Palestinian Territories ($2.99)
Panama ($2.99)
Papua New Guinea ($2.99)
Paraguay ($2.99)
Peru ($2.99)
Philippines ($2.99)
Pitcairn ($2.99)
Poland (€2.99)
Portugal (€2.99)
Puerto Rico (Included with Prime)
Qatar ($2.99)
Reunion (€2.99)
Romania (€2.99)
Russia (€2.99)
Rwanda ($2.99)
Saint Helena ($2.99)
Saint Kitts and Nevis (€2.99)
Saint Lucia (€2.99)
Saint Pierre and Miquelon (€2.99)
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (€2.99)
Samoa ($2.99)
San Marino (€2.99)
Sao Tome and Principe ($2.99)
Saudi Arabia ($2.99)
Senegal ($2.99)
Serbia (€2.99)
Seychelles ($2.99)
Sierra Leone ($2.99)
Singapore ($2.99)
Slovakia (€2.99)
Slovenia (€2.99)
Solomon Islands ($2.99)
Somalia ($2.99)
South Africa ($2.99)
South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands (€2.99)
South Korea ($2.99)
South Sudan ($2.99)
Spain (Included with Prime)
Sri Lanka ($2.99)
St. Barthelemy (€2.99)
St. Martin (€2.99)
Suriname ($2.99)
Svalbard and Jan Mayen (€2.99)
Swaziland ($2.99)
Sweden (€2.99)
Switzerland (€2.99)
Taiwan ($2.99)
Tajikistan ($2.99)
Tanzania ($2.99)
Thailand ($2.99)
Timor-Leste ($2.99)
Togo ($2.99)
Tokelau ($2.99)
Tonga ($2.99)
Trinidad & Tobago ($2.99)
Tunisia ($2.99)
Turkey (€2.99)
Turkmenistan ($2.99)
Turks & Caicos (€2.99)
Tuvalu ($2.99)
Uganda ($2.99)
Ukraine (€2.99)
United Arab Emirates ($2.99)
United Kingdom (Included with Prime)
United States (Included with Prime)
United States Minor Outlying Islands ($2.99)
Uruguay ($2.99)
US Virgin Islands (Included with Prime)
Uzbekistan ($2.99)
Vanuatu ($2.99)
Vatican City (€2.99)
Venezuela ($2.99)
Vietnam ($2.99)
Wallis and Futuna (€2.99)
Western Sahara ($2.99)
Yemen ($2.99)
Zambia ($2.99)
Zimbabwe ($2.99)

  1. Himad says:

    And it’s working here in Belgium on my iOS devices. But, on my (rooted ) 1st gen Fire TV and my (unrooted) 2st gen Stick, I can’t seem to make it work. Even though the devices are registered on, I wasn’t able to launch anything on TV. Kind of weird. And not unlogical if you know that those Amazon devices are not selling here in Belgium…

    • Anthony Sigalas says:

      For us using VPN/DNS to access Prime Video UK they offer to ‘upgrade’ through Customer Support so we can watch Prime Video in our country (I live in Ireland). It is silly that they don’t allow us to look at their catalog in other countries before switching.
      Right now it looks like this is going to be a small subset of content available in UK/US and you’ll probably won’t be able to rent/buy stuff.
      Can we get more info?

    • Roberto says:

      There is a country setting for fire devices in the Amazon website. My stick was automatically switched to Italy the other day and I had to manually reset the country to US.

      • Himad says:

        Actually, Prime is not supported on Fire TV and Stick. It is clearly stated on the help page of
        Sigh. The early adopters are not rewarded.

        • João Deiró says:

          Are you sure about this?

          I haven’t tested it since I’m not home, but the Android app clearly gives me the option to play the content on my Fire TV’s…

      • Bernardo says:

        Do you mean “Manage Your Kindle Device”right?

        I never saw an specific setting for my fire tv. I am having some issues right now. Like my fire tv stick are being located outSide the USA.

        Please, let me know.


        • Roberto says:

          Yes, if you go to “Manage Your Content and Devices”, in the third tab “Settings” there is “Country Settings”. In my case, everything was moved to so I had to go there for resetting.

          • Bernardo says:


            Mine wasn’t changed. However when I try to play a title that belongs to Amazon Prime a window appears with an option to purchase that title.

            You were seeing this behavior before you made the change manually?

          • Roberto says:

            I was only seeing the option “Add to Watchlist”.

            On, the country settings was still saying US, but I clicked on “Change” anyway, select my address and it did the trick.

  2. bombo says:

    The most important question I ask is the language, that many titles will be translated or will have the subtitles available in Spanish but I will take the free 7 day trial and then we will see what happens.

  3. Nenehemoth says:

    What really sucks about this news it’s that as today we, the users of NVIDIA Shield TV, don’t have an amazon Video App.

    I’m testing right now, from Dominican Republic, I can reproduce certain titles like The Man In The High Castle without any issue, in my phone (Nexus 6P) and also in my computer browser, but I can’t play other titles like Betas neither device.

    PD: On my NVIDIA Shield, should I install the Amazon Instant Video APK or the Amazon Video APK?

  4. Anthony Sigalas says:

    Created an Irish account just to check the content available. The service is quite underwhelming comparing to the content available in the U.K. or what Netflix is currently offering. I hope it grows fast but as it stands now, the selection of TV Shows and Movies is quite poor with no option to rent/buy. My advice to people watch Prime Video via VPN abroad, is to stick with it for the time being.

    • Christopher Loughrey says:

      Yeah, I’m in Ireland with Prime and I’m going to stick to Prime. At full price it costs 72 euros a year, Prime is a lot better value when you get Amazon Music and other services that don’t require VPN.

  5. Bibis says:

    Does anybody tryed registering Fire TV with Canadian Prime account? Would it work now that prime video is available? Thanks!

  6. Maxchime says:

    Me yes! And dont work. Error code 5505 when I click to video…..:-(

  7. Nathan says:

    Been on the phone for 2 hrs in Canada. 5505 error, the stuff that comes up is from the US store. It works on the app on Iphone, again brutal lack of content compared to the U.S. I have two first gen fire tv sticks and a first gen fire tv. Will repost if I find a solution with a tech rep. So far no fixes have worked.

  8. Nathan says:

    Factory reset does not resolve it in Canada either, Save yourself having to reload Kodi sideways from scratch. Hey at least I can try that new AFTV app.

  9. Maxchime says:

    Thanks!!! For the information!!! I will follow your post!

    Me too… 1 hour on phone…

    Reboot modem router
    Factory reset on my fire tv 2nd
    Repeat that…

    Error 5505 again…

    Works on my iPhone and iPad with the app but not on the fire tv… WTF?

    For Nvidia Shield? There is a possibility?

    If not… I will cancel my prime.

    • Hyperchaotic says:

      Well, it’s day one. Perhaps a little patience for them to iron out the flaws with things like the Fire stick – rather than cancel Prime in righteous indignation.

      I don’t have the Roku Channel either, but I’m sure it’ll show up soon.

  10. Raf says:

    I was wondering when this was going to pop up on here. I noticed that my Fire TV 2 in Canada had the pop up for The Grand Tour. So I tried to play it. Lo and behold it played fine. As did the other 3 episodes. My setup has my fire tvs as being in the us but I have Canadian prime under the same account email and I no unblock /proxy services in place.

    • Raf says:

      C***. Upgraded to a pre-rooted and am now getting that error 5505 too. :(

      Guess I won’t be upgrading my other box.

  11. Nathan says:

    Good to hear it’s working on Fire tv 2’s in Canada! Went through a long list of tech reps and solutions from transferring my amazon account settings, factory resets, de register re registers. 5505. But on the gen 1 stick and tv it shows the U.S content, not Canadian. No ublock VPN, just kodi side loaded. All my account info is switched to Canada (You can use both US and Canada accounts in Canada together for purchases on Amazon) hopefully hear back again from Amazon in a day or 2.

  12. Christopher Loughrey says:

    At that price I bet the content is pretty poor. It’ll still be Amazon Prime with VPN for me.

  13. Nathan says:

    So here is what I have, hope this saves some people some time trying to set this up on their fires with errors :

    I’m following up with the recent chat conversation you’ve had with us.

    The technical team has gotten back to us with a resolution that as of now Amazon Prime videos are not supported on the Fire TV devices in Canada.

    As the Amazon Prime video was launched recently, we are still working on adding more and more devices to support this in Canada.

    As of now your Amazon Fire TV device will work in the following countries:
    United States.
    United Kingdom (UK)
    Austria (Fire TV Stick only)

    I apologize for the inconvenience caused. I have forwarded this issue to our technical team which are working on this, to be resolved to the earliest.

    • bombo says:

      Is it supposed then that the same happens for the other countries? In my case Dominican Republic that I could not put to work the free trial by the famous error 5505.

  14. João Deiró says:

    I have different results on my AFTV’s.

    On my American AFTV (Gen 1 – OS, all os the “Watch Abroad” content plays fine, but anything else ins unavailable.

    However, on my German AFTV (Gen 1 – OS, all of the content is played when I select it on the Android app.

    It seems to me that they are still working things out on their end.

  15. pmcd says:

    Is this operating the same as with Netflix, that is you have access to the content of whichever country you are visiting as long as you are a Prime member somewhere? Or, is it that the content you may view is determined by the country where you are a Prime member? For example, do US prime members have access to U.K. Prime content when visiting the UK?

    • Icy says:

      Yeah you have access to it if you travel to a different country. But the content in each country is different. So if from US you go to UK then expect a lot less content available. But yeah it would work.

  16. Bibis says:

    No luck playing content on Stick, in Canada… Error 5505.But works flawlessly when casting from android app to the stick….

  17. Doodlydood says:

    New AFTV bought in the US, used in Canada. I get the 5505 error whether

    1) Using a smart DNS or not
    2) Connecting to a US VPN or not
    3) Factory reset or not

  18. Juan says:

    Same problem (error 5005) here in Uruguay. Just canceled my subscription. My two FTVs are listed in my account on, but I can use them only to see Netflix content (weird, isn’t it?)

    Amazon’s answer: “we are working with our partners (!) to add more devices soon”…

  19. carrierlost says:

    The 5505 error is caused by the Amazon Video app getting updated. On my stick with the original 1.0.537.15 everything works. When the stick is idle for a while it gets updated to 1.0.940.14. You can check your version in the App menu.

    In order to fix it you have to uninstall the update. To do that I use ES File Explorer. Navigate to APP folder find the Amazon Video App and uninstall it. Doing that restores the factory installed 1.0.537.15. There is probably a way to block updates, but I haven’t had time look into it.

  20. ivan teixeira says:

    Here in Brazil, error 5505 also appears when trying to play prime video. I followed the support instructions to delete the cache, etc. But it did not work. I again contacted support and got a response to the information that firetvstick1 is not compatible with this service.
    Despite this, I found a way to display prime videos on firetv through the app on another android device. When selecting the video, the play / resumeonfiretvstick option appears. Then you can fully control the video on firetv through the control. I hope this helps the staff. What does not help is the library made available. Two months of moderate use is enough to make any one desist from service

  21. Martin says:

    Just off the phone with Amazon support.
    After an hour of trying this and that, the tech support person told me this is a known issue with the new Fire Stick. It will not work outside the US of A for Prime content.
    Not ETA given on a fix.

  22. Roshan says:

    not working on my AFTV in South Africa – signed up and then had to cancel as I was not able to access the content- gave an error 5505

  23. Mr P says:

    And STILL the one device that you sure as hell DON’T want to watch Prime Video is a Fire TV as they STILL haven’t updated the firmware to allow it to work outside of a handful of designated countries.

    Roku: Can
    Nvidia Shield TV: Can
    Xiamoi Mi: Can
    Amazon Fire TV: No, no, no, no, no!

  24. JP says:

    Amazing. Same problem here in Brazil. Just canceled my Amazon Prime Video.

    • Will says:

      Baixa o aplicativo da Amazon prime. Loga normalmente e quando for dar play você bota na opção de assistir no Amazon fire stick.

  25. Steve Kirkman says:

    I am trying to use my Amazon Firestick 2 out Oman but even using a VPN i’m unable to watch any of the amazon prime programs, movies etc. It just keeps telling me it can’t play due to geographical location, I thought the VPN was supposed to hide that so it would work. I’ve even tried to pretend i’m in the US but still no joy on the VPN. All my android apps work great though.

    Can I change the stick settings to indicate it is still in the UK or US so it will work out here?

  26. Brian Scott says:

    This seems par for the course for Amazon. They basically have some of the worst ‘customer service’ anywhere in the sentient universe, whether it’s Prime or Kindle or whatever. We have a new firestick, works fine with Netflix, but with Prime we get error 5505 and we are in the US. The so-called ‘help’ files are sod all use!!

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