Amazon Prime Video app w/ Offline Viewing is now available for Windows 10

An Amazon Prime Video app has just been released in the Microsoft Store for Windows 10 computers. You may think it’s unnecessary to have a dedicated app, since you can access all the same content through a browser, but the app comes with the unique ability to download videos for offline viewing. Like Amazon’s mobile apps, you can select from video quality settings of Good, Better, and Best when downloading content. One hour of video at the highest setting, which maxes out at 1080p, will use around 2.4 GB of storage space. The app is free, but you’ll need a Prime membership to access movies and shows.

  1. Shirley Dulcey says:

    Forward into the past!

    Amazon first launched its video service as Amazon Unbox in 2006. That product had the ability to download videos. The Unbox application and the ability to download were discontinued in 2014.

  2. TechyChris says:

    Finally!!! I often wonder what the politics are behind the scenes when it takes years for a service to make it onto a new platform. I’ve been using the web version on my WIN 10 devices which works fine but this is a welcome addition.

    • TechyChris says:

      ***UPDATE 7/6/20***
      Unfortunately I don’t think this windows APP has all the kinks worked out yet. Leaving for cabin in Maine tomorrow: no wifi and very spotty cell phone service (the price we pay for privacy).
      Installed the app on brand new WIN 10 Laptop hooked up at home via ethernet to speed downloads along. 300 Gb free space, thought I would download a few movies as a test. According to Amazon: Prime Members can download anywhere between 15-25 individual movies/tv shows depending on location (whatever that means?) I successfully downloaded first movie (FYI- ethernet took 25 minutes for 2 hour full hd download) and movie plays perfect. (another IMPORTANT FYI – once you start playing you have 48 hours to watch then the download is locked out unless you reconnect to internet to continue stream) Kind of ridiculous since the whole point (for me) of downloading is because you anticipate NOT being connected to the internet for an extended period (like a week in a cabin!).

      Here’s the REAL problem: When I attempt to download a SECOND movie/tv show it fails every time, giving me a vague “download error” message. Not only that but trying to redownload cause it to start from the beginning it will not pick up where it left off.

      OH Well! Not ready for “PRIME TIME” yet (pun intended!)

  3. Vanderdecken says:

    Does this app also have the advantage over web browsers that the Netflix Windows 10 app does, that it can do surround audio?

  4. Leenialis says:

    Downloaded an app onto my laptop and was planning to watch the movie on during my flight to Florida. Downloaded the movie without any issues. But unfortunately, when I pulled my laptop and started the app nothing, but black square opened up. So I am kinda confused what is the point of downloading a movie if you can’t watch it offline anyway ???

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