Amazon Prime Video app coming to the Apple TV later this year

Today marks the start of WWDC, Apple’s big developer conference. Apple’s CEO Tim Cook just took the stage to kick off the conference and his first announcement was that an Amazon Video app will finally be coming to the Apple TV. Cook mentioned you’ll be able to watch Prime Video on the device, but it’s unclear if the app will also allow you to purchase and rent content. Apple is rumored to be working on a new Apple TV with 4K capabilities, but there was no mention of a new device. The Amazon video app for Apple TV will arrive “later this year.”

Amazon and Apple have historically been unable to come to an arrangement, regarding the Apple TV, which mutually benefits both companies. Amazon’s gripe is with Apple’s mandatory cut for in app purchases that it imposes on apps offering digital goods on Apple devices. The quarrel came to a head when Amazon banned the sale of Apple TV devices on their retail site.

It’s unclear if the new Amazon Video app on the Apple TV will be crippled, like the Amazon Video apps on iPhones and iPads, by not allowing users to purchase or rent new content. We’ll have to see when the app is released later this year, which is likely when a new Apple TV will also be announced. Amazon’s tweet about the announcment specifcially says “Amazon Prime Video” is coming, and reveals that it will be integrated into Apple’s own TV app. There’s also a good chance Apple TVs will return to Amazon’s site.

  1. Craig says:

    …and that concludes the keynote for me.

    #where #is #vudu #walmart #apple #negotiate #get-it-done

  2. MattG says:

    Personally I’d like to see the opposite: movies and shows on my iTunes account playable on my Fire TV stick. I have several movies on iTunes from the late 2000s when DVDs packed in iTunes codes and only iTunes codes that are forever trapped on my only iOS device, my iPhone.

    • tech3475 says:

      Agree, I never consider iTunes for anything video related because they’re even worse than the others when it comes to platform availability (not that they’re much better thanks to DRM, but at least they’re more widely available).

  3. Anything else from wwdc interesting?

  4. clocks says:

    Wish it would come to my Mi Box & Android TV next.

  5. Dave Ninja says:

    I hope adding Amazon Prime to Apple TV might open up the possibility of Apple Music on the Echo

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