Amazon Prime Music comes to Sonos devices


Amazon Prime members can now stream Prime Music to Sonos’ great line of wireless speakers. Sonos makes some of the best wireless speakers and receivers on the market. You can now stream Prime Music, including Prime Playlists and Prime Stations, directly through the Sonos app. The feature is technically in beta, but easily accessible.

  1. AJ says:

    I can’t find how to do this?

    • Kromtech says:

      Hi if your in the songs app – select the add music service icon
      It gives a list of services – amazons music is the first
      Follow onscreen messages and register

      Just did it will play with it later

      • AJ says:

        Thanks, but I had already had the Amazon Music app setup, but I dont see any Prime Music

        • Sean says:

          You need to join the Sonos beta program to be able to add it under Add Music Services -> Sonos Labs. Also, IOS doesn’t have to ability to add the service once you join although it does work once added. You’ll need to add the Amazon Music service from a PC, Mac, or Android tfrom Sonos Labs. It will be a separate entry from your Amazon Music Library.

          I’ve been waiting for this ability to be available since prime stations were released.

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