Amazon Prime membership is $72 TODAY ONLY [Expired]


In celebration of their two wins at the 72nd Golden Globes, Amazon is offering 1 year of Prime Membership for just $72 TODAY ONLY. That’s 27% off the regular price of $99. If you’re not a Prime Member yet, this is a very rare opportunity to join at a discounted rate.

If you are already a Prime member, you can’t simply add a year to your membership for $72. However, there is a loophole. You can gift yourself Prime membership for $72. Just enter your own email address when asked for the recipient’s email. You will receive a Prime membership redemption code emailed to you. Save this code in a safe place and use it when your Prime membership expires to extend your membership. If you redeem the code while you still have Prime, you will receive a $72 Amazon credit added to your account. Be sure to visit this page after purchasing your gift membership and select the “Remind Me Later” option so that your Prime membership does not auto-renew at $99.

Amazon Prime has come a long way from the free two-day shipping service it started life as and has come to include a great collection of benefits. There’s no better video service for the Fire TV than Prime Instant Video, an ever growing collection of free tv shows, movies, and exclusive content included with Prime membership. Also included with Prime membership and accessible through the Fire TV is Prime Music with over 1 million songs for free. The newest addition to the Prime family is Prime Photos which gives Prime members unlimited cloud storage for photos and makes those photos available on the Fire TV. Lastly, and often overlooked, Prime members receive exclusive pre-order opportunities for new Amazon products at discounted rates. Both the Fire TV Stick and Amazon Echo were offered to Prime members first for 50% off their list prices.

  1. xrecar says:

    Thanks! You saved us 20 bucks!

  2. Rebecah says:

    Well this is great. I just purchased a membership a few days ago. :(

  3. ehowland says:

    Wish they had a ‘sale’ for existing prime members to extend membership. This is a PITA to “Uncheck” auto-renew and then REMBER months from now (up to 11.9) what the darn code is and then apply it? Really Amazon? For Prime members who have been prime since it was $79 a year, the sale should be to ‘extend’ your existing membership for $79. If it had I would have bought a couple of years worth. This process seems to be too much hassle and something I don’t want to track and ‘chase’ if there is problems MONTHS from now (next fall for me). Great for a gift, but virtually useless for an existing member…

  4. jim says:

    All those exclusive pre-order opportunities that Prime Members miss if they don’t check the Amazon website everyday. Oh well.

  5. jim says:

    Don’t forget to add tax if you live in Florida.

  6. Barb says:

    Free month membership and you can’t get the device for month? So much for using the free month membership? Worthless!

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