Amazon Prime membership cost is increasing across several European countries

Amazon will be increasing the cost of Prime membership across several countries in Europe according to Reuters. The annual subscription in the UK will be increasing from £79 to £95, in Germany from €69 to €89.90, in France from €49 to €69.90, and in Italy and Spain from €36 to €49.90. The new pricing will go into effect on September 15. These Prime subscription increases come after Amazon increased the price of Prime in the US from $119 to $139 in February.

  1. Chris says:

    Why is it so cheap in Italy and Spain?

    Guessing there is competition there so they have to be agressive in pricing

    • Gareth Price says:

      Possibly they don’t have next day delivery as part of the subscription. Are there Amazon warehouses in those countries or do they get shipped from other countries (Switzerland or Germany for example)

      • Gareth Price says:

        Or even from UK warehouses I guess, as the reverse happens and often get packages ordered on Amazon UK shipped from Amazon EU warehouses

      • WOT Box TV says:

        We do have next day delivery on most items in Spain as long as purchase is made by a set time (depends on which warehouse the goods are in Spain – main distro centres are Barcelona/Madrid etc). Some items may be a couple of days if coming from distribution centres in France, Germany, Italy, Holland etc. UK items are now a hassle as they are subject to import fees and cost more, so Brexit is a disaster in that respect.
        To answer Chris’s question I’d say prices are lower because income levels/salaries etc and disposable income levels are way lower than in the UK, Germany and France etc…

        • Gareth Price says:

          Thanks for the info WOT Box TV. We don’t get import fees, or VAT, added on top if items are ordered from Amazon UK but shipped from Amazon EU warehouses to the UK (but I did have to purchase a UK plug and swap it for the EU one on a pair of monitor speakers-complained to Amazon and got the cost refunded). I take it you are referring to other UK suppliers, not Amazon?

          • WOT Box TV says:

            Nope ALL UK suppliers, Amzon or others.
            In Spain, when we order items on Amazon. es, we get charged local import fees if the item is coming from (UK warehouse).
            And yes, we also get import fees from all other sources in the UK (Currys, Argos, John Lewis etc).
            I used to do a lot of online shopping from UK sources pre the Brexit “deal” signed and effective Jan 1st last year. Now it’s just too expensive and full of hassles. Many UK sellers don’t even sell/export to customers in the EU because of the extra paperwork and obstacles the “agreement” put on trade….

    • Lukas Schiller says:

      May also depend on the average financial situation in each country. We may have the same currency in most of Europe, but we still have huge gaps in salery and living costs.

    • WOT Box TV says:

      Not really any competition here in Spain. Amazon is Amazon.

      I’d put it down to lower salaries and disposable income levels compared to the rest of Europe.

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