Amazon Prime members can now read over a thousand books, magazines, and comics for free through Prime Reading


Amazon has added yet another benefit for Prime members called Prime Reading which gives customers unlimited access to over one thousand books, magazines, comics, and more at no additional cost. The current selection of available Prime Reading books include popular titles like The Butterfly Garden, The Body Reader, My Sister’s Grave, The Man in the High Castle, An Innocent Client, The Atlantis Gene, and over 1,000 more. Reading any included title works exactly the same way as purchased ebooks and can be done through Kindles, Fire tablets, and the Kindle app for iOS and Android.

Prime Reading also includes a rotating selection of full magazine issues like Sports Illustrated, PEOPLE, Popular Mechanics, and Entertainment Weekly. Currently there are 42 magazines to choose from in total. Also available to Prime members are comics and short content in the form of Kindle Singles and Kindle Singles Classics.

Prime Reading is just the latest new benefit being added to Amazon’s $99 annual Prime membership. Earlier this week, Prime members gained ad-free Twitch streaming through Twitch Prime. Last month Amazon added free audiobook content through Audible as another Prime membership perk. The list of Prime benefits continues to grow, making the subscription more entising than ever.

  1. Philip says:

    What are all the magazine titles available?

    When you go to the link, it does not give you any info on the titles.


  2. Christopher Loughrey says:

    Yet again another US exclusive like the Audible channel. They’re screwing us with a high Prime price in the UK with only the barebones compared to the US Prime members.

  3. Wrecks says:

    I don’t read full books much anymore, but my husband does. How can I link his Amazon account to my Prime account so he can read these books for free.

    • Dave the Maine-iac says:

      Add your husband to your Amazon Household. Go to Your Account> Under “Account Settings” pick “Manage your Household”. Add an Adult and that should give your husband access to your Prime account benefits.

      • Wayne says:

        Just be aware that at this time Amazon Household only permits sharing between Kindles and compatible/supported Amazon devices and media apps. Our prime account is in my wife’s name, we’re each using Kindle apps for iOS which apparently are unsupported, so at this time the only way I can access Prime Reading is to “deregister” my app and “re-register” using my wife’s prime login. If anyone knows of a workaround I’d love to hear it.

  4. Tricia says:

    This is awesome news. I have been paying for Kindle Unlimited monthly and I just called Amazon and cancelled b/c it is now included with Prime.

  5. Mewtwo says:

    Harry Potter!

  6. Vanb says:

    With Kindle Lending Library you’re restricted to one book per month. Are there any similar restrictions for Prime Reading? I think that I’ve read through all the FAQs available, and I haven’t seen any. I just want to make sure that if I borrow a magazine that I can turn around a borrow another one even if it’s within the same month. Their magazine selection if pretty small right now, but there are at least a few that I would like to look at, but the specific editions will only be available during the month in which they’re released. So, if I choose one magazine over the other, that means I won’t get a chance to read the other magazines in that month, if the same restriction applies to this as to the KLL.

    • AFTVnews says:

      You can “borrow” 10 items at a time from Prime Reading. A “borrowed” item makes it available through all devices and apps. If you’ve “borrowed” 10 items already, at any time you can “return” a “borrowed” item and then immediately “borrow” another item. There is no limit to how many times you can do this. Books and magazines are treated the same.

  7. Berto Avalos says:

    When is this available?

  8. HN says:

    Looks like this only works on the main Prime account. It’s not working on my shared account.

  9. Mr T says:

    But not in the UK :(

  10. Bill says:

    I must be missing something. On my Kindle Voyage, whether I go to the Store, go to Prime Reading, or search for “Prime Free” there are no magazines listed. I see books, but no magazines. If I search for a magazine which is on the Prime Reading list, like “Popular Mechanics”, not only is it not free, it says “Not available for this device.”

    The Prime Reading page on Amazon is about as useful as usual, which is to say, not at all.

    If someone could provide a procedure to get to one of the listed magazines on a Kindle, that would be great.

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