Amazon Prime Day sale starts on July 16th with some deals starting today

Amazon has announced that Prime Day this year will kick off on July 16 at 12pm PT / 3pm ET and will run through July 17. As always, I will cover all the deals leading up to Amazon’s biggest sales event of the year, as well as round-the-clock coverage once the main event starts. Just like last year, there will be deals trickling out during the days leading up to Prime Day. Amazon has already kicked things off with the Amazon Echo Show going on sale for $129.99, which is the new lowest price that it has ever been.

Prime Day is like Amazon’s own personal Black Friday. It has grown to become a multi-day sales event where we usually see the lowest prices ever for Amazon’s own hardware. Amazon says this year “will feature double the deals on Amazon devices and the biggest deals yet on Alexa-enabled products like Echo, Fire TV and Fire tablets.” The deals are only available to Prime members. If you’re not a Prime member, you can sign-up for a free 30-day trial in order to take advantage of the deals all month, and then choose to cancel before the month is over, if you want, without paying anything extra.

The following deals are already available starting today:

This year there will also be deals available at Whole Foods. If you have a Prime Rewards Visa Card, between July 14-17 you will receive 10% cashback on all Whole Foods purchases, instead of the usual 5% cashback. There will also be “10% off hundreds of sale items” and “deep discounts on select popular products.”

Last year, many of Amazon’s devices went on sale before actual Prime Day arrived and some even sold out before Prime Day started. I’ll be posting about all the deals as they go live and, more importantly, letting you know how good or mediocre each deal is. There’s no way to know when a particular product will go on sale, so if you want to be notified the moment a deal goes live, your best bet is to subscribe to my email notifications.

  1. AvidReader says:

    Is there any restriction on the Music Unlimited? I click through and the only options I’m presented with are the 7.99 monthly or 79.00 annually.

    • AFTVnews says:

      It’s likely that all the subscription deals are for new subscribers only.

      • AvidReader says:

        Well, that explains THAT! Thanks!

        • James Courville says:

          Click on the link in the article to get the $.99 deal.

          • AvidReader says:

            Clicking the link in the article was what I did before getting the screen I described above. If it is for new users only, then that explains it – I’ve taken advantage of a 0.99 cent offer for Unlimited before. From this article write-up it wasn’t clear that this was for new Unlimited users only, hence my confusion.

          • AvidReader says:

            I did, and still got the 7.99/79.00 page presented. The additional info about this being for new users only cleared up the issue.

          • BillyBayou says:

            I just clicked on the link above, and was offered Music Unlimited for $9.99/mo…and yes, I’m a Prime member, and yes I’m signed in.

          • BillyBayou says:

            At one time (over a year ago) I was a Music Unlimited subscriber. It appears that Amazon has quietly raised the price of that service to $9.99/mo. for former subscribers, no matter how long ago, and future subscribers, after this promo is done.

      • JFC says:

        The Amazon website for the Music promotion specifically says for new subscribers only.

        When I was signed into my Amazon account, I couldn’t see the promotion at all. It was only after I signed out of my Amazon Prime account that the promo banner became visible (because I’m already an Amazon Prime Music subscriber).

        Would have been nice to be able to extend or renew at a promo price. But it seems, that’s not what Amazon has in mind, understandably.

      • SC says:

        Any idea how long this deal lasts? Would like to start it around the 14th when I get home, but will it still be going through prime day?

      • Tony Ramirez says:

        What a joke of a deal. Really I hate this. New subscribers get everything current subscribers get screwed.

        • Jason Todd says:

          Not really… From a business perspective this approach is actually smart. Why would any company, not just Amazon, not try to get new customers that way.
          And besides, you automatically just gave up on even trying to get a discount. Did you even try to call Amazon and see if they’re was anything they can do for you for a being a loyal listener, granting only if you were a loyal listener? I’ve had AMU for 6 months and I only got 30 days free. Not bitter, not angry. I like the service and it’s easy.

          • Len Mullen says:

            I disagree. I rarely renew when I know loyal customers pay more than new customers. It’s a matter of principal and cost Comcast $13k over the last eight years. I believe the saying goes, “Make new friends but keep the old; one is silver and the other gold.”

  2. Kylara says:

    I subscribed to Audible. Thanks for the info, I was waiting for a special.

  3. Mel says:

    I just got my fire tv trade in credit, do you think I’ll be able to use it if they go on sale?

    • AFTVnews says:

      I don’t know. I submitted a trade-in for the sole purpose of testing first-hand whether it can be combined with a sale. The credit is good for several months, so no rush using it. Just wait for Prime Day (or the next Fire TV sale) and hope for the best.

  4. Erin says:

    There’s also an offer for 3 months of FreeTime Unlimited Family Plan for $2.99.

  5. Dan Dutra says:

    I could talk myself into ordering a pair of Fire Sticks if they drop to 25 on Prime Day

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