Amazon possibly leaks new, cheaper Echo Dot on their own Twitter account


At some point yesterday, Amazon’s official Echo twitter account tweeted an introduction to an “all-new Echo Dot … for just $49.99” and then promptly deleted the tweet. Several people have archived the tweet, so it looks like someone at Amazon may have jumped the gun on the announcement.


The Echo Dot immediately went out of stock after its release in March. In July it was listed as sold out with no way to backorder, but Amazon has said it will return in time for the holidays.

It seems the Echo Dot’s return will be sooner rather than later, and surprisingly at a cheaper $49.99 price than the original $89.99 price it was announced at. The usage of “all-new” in the tweet could also suggest the device has been updated or refreshed in some way compared to the original.

Amazon is holding an event in the UK tomorrow at 11 am BST (3 am PST) where we expect them to announce the availability of Echo and Alexa in the UK for the first time. That would also be a great time to announce the return of the Echo Dot. We should know for sure soon enough.

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  1. Ujn Hunter says:

    Is there any way to tether a Rooted R1 HD BLU phone to one of these? I’d love to buy one for the car. ;)

  2. jimberkas says:

    hope its true. that price is crazy, though. it sold out immediately at $90, why would they come back and sell them for $50? I suspect that they’ve cut some corners, which could be bad. perhaps they’ve eliminated the speaker altogether.
    anyway, I have the Echo and bought two Dots. I gave one Dot away as a gift, but I’d buy a couple more if the $50 version is the same as the old version.

    • tech3475 says:

      I wonder if they plan on selling these like their tablets i.e. cheap and at little/no profit in the hopes of making money from the services.

      I also wouldn’t be surprised to find them putting adverts of some kind on these.

    • granman says:

      I was thinking that the reason they pulled the tweet was that it was a mistake on the price. Quickly frankly I find our Dot so useful the original price is just fine by me. I just want them back so I can get another one!

  3. unknownsoldier says:

    I have an Echo and two Dots and the whole fanily are fans of what the devices bring to our lives. The Dots are quite often unresponsive as the mics appear to be less sensitive than the Echo. Would be great if the boffins @ Amazon bought the remote control and holder back

  4. Goodhur says:

    Makes me wonder how competitively priced “Google Home” might be. I. Hoping this price reflects that they found the Google pricing and are responding. If the Google Home can do Chromecast audio groups I would be more interested in it than an Alexa based product.

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