Amazon permanently lowers all Fire TV 2 prices by $10


Amazon has reduced the price of all Fire TV 2 bundles by $10. This appears to be a permanent price drop and not sale price. The Amazon Fire TV 2 is now $89.99, the Antenna Bundle is now $99.99, and the Gaming Edition is now $129.99. This is the first time Amazon has ever reduced the retail price of any Fire TV model and this new price comes almost one year to the day after the Fire TV 2 was released. Dropping the retail price now is compelling evidence that Amazon will not be releasing a new Fire TV 3 this year.

If the Fire TV 2 remains Amazon’s flagship streaming device through the rest of this year, a price drop like this is necessary to keep it competitive with newer devices. With competing 4K streaming boxes like the Xiaomi Mi Box and Roku Premiere priced at $69 and $79.99 respectively, the Fire TV 2 is more than ever up against stiff competition .

  1. clocks says:

    “Dropping the retail price now is compelling evidence that Amazon will not be releasing a new Fire TV 3 this year.”

    I agree. That’s fine by me, as the box is still plenty capable. And with the Mi Box, new FTV stick, and possibly a new Shield or ZTE box, I have plenty of new toys to play around with.

  2. Darth Jerm says:

    It took a few updates, but the latest up for me seems to finally make the FTV2 flawless in operation. The box got off to a bad start when initially released, but it is rock solid now. There’s barely any HDR streaming content, so I can see why they are holding back version 3. They can always do a big Spring ’17 release. This price drop can be used to sell as many 2s as possible for Q4. It also helps that Target has these in store.

    With the price now being 89.99, I can see a Black Friday price of 69.99, or perhaps even as low as 59.99 from retailers.

  3. Steve says:

    Bummer….I was really hoping for a new Fire TV.

  4. Masterblaster says:

    It looks like Amazon is lowering their fire devices to maintain a more competitive price point and to increase marketshare while reducing inventory. Amazon must increase Prime subscriptions to show investors growth with it’s service. The more customers use Prime, the more they spend. It’s all about the numbers.

  5. Tony says:

    Amazing price for ftv2. It’s well worth it.

  6. wonko the sane says:

    I’m disappointed, too. The Fire TV 2 can barely handle 4k content. Even on 1080p Amazon content it drops frames and has unstable frame timing. I was hoping a Fire TV 3 would fix these issues.

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