Amazon passes on all 3 shows from their latest Pilot Season

Amazon’s latest Pilot Season has been a flop. All three shows will not be greenlit for a full season, according to Deadline. Pilots for Sea Oak, The Climb, and Love You More didn’t have what it takes. Those might be the last pilots we ever see if Amazon decides to select shows in a more conventional way and end their pilot seasons.

Amazon is making a shift away from not only pilots, but niche shows in general. Lately, they’ve been signing more straight-to-series orders for shows with big names behind them, as they search for big drama series to compete with what HBO and Netflix are producing. Their recent deal for a Lord of the Rings series is a prime example of that new shift in content.

Ian McKellen has shown interest in reprising his role as Gandalf in Amazon’s new Lord of the Rings series. He says he hasn’t been asked yet, but can’t see anyone else playing the role. If Amazon is attracting talent like Ian McKellen without even asking, I guess they must be doing something right.

  1. alex says:

    Sea Oak was amazing and didn’t stand the remotest chance of being picked up. Way, way too unsettling.

  2. Charlie says:

    Sea Oak is really quirky, but has lots of potential. I’ll be watching.

  3. Tony Ramirez says:

    No surprise. I never watched there adult original pilots but there kids pilots I remember that they never picked out the good ones that people wanted. Instead they kept picking out pre-school shows that got 4 or less stars. After I stopped watching the useless pilots.

    Amazon like every other big company tells you to leave feedback like the pilots but they decide what they want and ignore all user feedback like every other big company. So I am glad they are getting rid of this.

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