Amazon originals ‘Lore,’ ‘City of Ghosts,’ and ‘Sigmund and the Sea Monsters’ debut today

A pair of new original Amazon shows and an original movie are debuting today on Prime Video. The first and probably most anticipated is Lore, an adaptation of the popular podcast by the same name about non-fiction scary stories that has the backing of an executive producer of The Walking Dead and The X-Files. Next is Sigmund and the Sea Monsters, a childrens show remake of a series from the 70s. Last is the Amazon original documentary City of Ghosts that follows citizen journalists behind enemy lines in Syria, which has garnered a 99% Rotten Tomatoe score.

Lore (4/5 on Amazon | 8.6/10 on IMDB | 88% on Rotten Tomatoes)

Based on the podcast phenomenon and narrated by creator Aaron Mahnke, this haunting six-episode anthology series is brought to life by the executive producer of The Walking Dead and the executive producer of The X-Files. Throughout history, fear was best kept buried. But folklore opens the door, allowing stories to creep inside and haunt us. The scariest stories are true.

Sigmund and the Sea Monsters (4.4/5 on Amazon | 8.2/10 on IMDB)

Brothers Johnny and Scotty and their cousin Robyn become best friends with a lovable young sea monster they find on the beach, named Sigmund. The three kids teach Sigmund about the human world and help to hide him and his family from Captain Barnabus, a sea monster hunter who’s determined to prove that the creatures actually exist.

City of Ghosts (4.7/5 on Amazon | 7.6/10 on IMDB | 99% on Rotten Tomatoes)

This documentary from Matthew Heineman goes behind enemy lines in Syria to follow the citizen journalist collective “Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently” as they attempt to expose the human rights violations by ISIS and fight the terrorist group’s misinformation campaigns in their home country.

  1. Katie says:

    Started watching Lore last night. My husband and I really like it. I was already a fan of the podcast, but my husband usually dislikes anything horror. I wish there were more episodes per season!

  2. HeyRadar says:

    Been trying to watch Lore all day, but I can’t get my Android app working. Uggh!!!!

    Even tried Amazon support, and no luck yet.

  3. Charlie says:

    What a giant disappointment. I don’t know what I really expected, but I watched episode one and it wasn’t great. At this point, I don’t care if I watch the other episodes.

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