Amazon original series ‘Transparent’ to continue without Jeffrey Tambor

After completing an investigation into sexual harassment claims against the actor, Amazon has fired Jeffrey Tambor and will film the upcoming fifth season of their original series Transparent without the actor’s participation, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Tambor continues to defend his innocence, saying that he is “profoundly disappointed in Amazon’s handling of these false accusations” and that “the investigation against [him] was deeply flawed and biased.”

  1. clocks says:

    Watching Hollywood eat itself has become quite amusing.

    • sosh says:

      It’s a symptom of a greater problem with the left eating itself, and I say this as someone who self-identifies as on the left side of the political “line” ;(

      • clocks says:

        I don’t disagree with with you, but take particular delight in seeing Hollywood’s troubles specifically. These actors, writers, producers, etc. openly admit they discriminated against people “are not onboard” with their beliefs. Meanwhile they are a bunch of spoiled millionaires that throw reward shows for themselves every other weekend (emmys, grammys, golden globes, music awards, etc.), and use the show to lecture us common folk what we should think, believe, and how to vote. If you disagree you’re a Nazi. If you vote for the wrong person you are a deplorable. Then they return home to their mansion in their gated communities, with their armed guards, etc.. And their current issues have ALWAYS been their, but 99.9% of them choose to ignore them, protect the offenders, and in many cases willingly “play the game” for career advancement and/or power.

        • sosh says:

          I see it rather differently as a member of “the left”. Celebs are true free market capitalists, in a sense. They get no subsidies like fossil fuel companies or farmers do, etc., and only remain employed due to the “votes” of the populace. In general, what this free and very democratic system has produced in terms of “Hollywood” tends to agree more with my politics than yours (I’d assume), yes it’s true, but poll after poll does indeed show that most Americans lean left, especially on social issues.

          Fictional accounts of “other” kinds of people and their lives draw empathy from the masses, this was true even in book form in the 1800s and is one thing which lead to the modern progressive West, the abolition of slavery, and so on…

          “Trying” people in “public” in a McCarthyism-esque manner, black-listing people and “erasing” them, etc., however, isn’t a liberal ideal, which is why the current “moral panic” (which is addressing a very real problem) is far too indiscriminate and un-subtle for my taste, which is why I agreed with your original sentiment of Hollywood eating itself. I dislike this because it’s bad for my politics, see… Bad for my “side”, if you like…

  2. Reflex says:

    The ‘left’ is being forced to actually live up to the ideals it espouses. It is only too bad the ‘right’ is still making excuses for pedophiles and rapists like Roy Moore. I salute those standing up for themselves and others.

    • clocks says:

      The ‘right” voted for a dem in a very red state, so not sure I agree.

      • Reflex says:

        That in no way eliminates the excuses their party leadership made for Moore, ranging from the state party up through congressional leaders nor the top of the ticket. It is good that a minority of conservatives in that state, just enough to tip the election away from the pedophile, stood by their espoused principles. But that was not the majority of Republicans in that state, nor was it what their party was calling on them to do.

        • clocks says:

          Okay, but I’m willing to bet for every example you want to name, I can name one on the right where either the candidate was bounced like Mr. 999 (Herman Cain), or one example on the side of the left. Corruption, sickness, abuse of power, etc. isn’t a characteristic of one party.

    • sosh says:

      While the issue of women in subservient/disadvantaged positions/unequal in terms of power is a real issue, this McCarthyism style of “handling” the problem in public and outside of any legal process is not a liberal ideal ;(

      The left shouldn’t stand for zero-tolerance/absolutist positions, which never work, always backfire and have unintended consequences, and lots of otherwise perfectly good people, IMO, are being thrown out with the bathwater. Al Franken, even if imperfect in this context, isn’t a sexual predator and did far more good than bad for any left-leaning cause, to give just one example… Greater harm was done by removing him… Harvey isn’t less bad because we use our brains and properly rate and scale the crimes to the punishments; not everything related to female body parts and/or women is automatically ‘sexual harassment’ deserving of equal black-listing…

      After all, when the Right uses zero tolerance for drugs/the criminal justice system in a similar way, the Left is rightly annoyed. Let’s not be hypocrites ;)

  3. Joe says:

    I hope they figure a way to do Arrested Development too, with or without him. If they’re not in prison why should they be punished? I’d still watch the show- not Transparent because I never watched it to begin with, but in general.

    • clocks says:

      We are kind of in an environment of guilty until proven innocent these days. And did you see that last season of Arrested Dev? It was BAD. Not sure I want another season at this point. :-)

      • Reflex says:

        It’s not a court of law, so ‘guilty until proven innocent’ has no relevance or bearing. Research has shown that the overwhelming majority of such claims are true, it is extraordinarily rare that false claims of this nature are made. While it is unfortunate when it does happen, I am far more concerned about the massive number of claims that are dismissed or ignored despite evidence.

        I’m watching a situation like that play out now with a county party leader where I live (a Democrat), already two women have detailed exactly what his behavior was, a investigation has found those claims to be founded, and yet many simply choose to take his word and demand a ‘fair investigation’. Apparently one man’s word is simply worth a lot more than a woman’s, requiring many women before action is considered warranted. And yet I have zero doubt that if the genders were reversed action would already have been taken.

        I don’t give a damn what a person’s politics, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion or other status is. Treat people respectfully. Period. And when you don’t, expect consequences.

        • clocks says:

          Honestly, if the genders were reversed and the man made claims against a women, no one would care and it would never make the news.

          I’m sure a lot of the allegations going around in Hollywood are true, because it is a cesspool of sick people. But things like the Duke Lacross scandal taught me not to rush to judgement.

        • sosh says:

          The Right used similar tactics during the cold war against “Communists”, it was also wrong and the Left hated it. What the hell is up with erasing people? If a male who was an ass to women made a good movie or tv show, the art is still good. We don’t apply this McCarthyism baloney to people in a just society…

          Even murderers who get out after 20 years aren’t erased in this way…

          Btw, if most of these incidents never make it to court, how do we actually know that most of the testimony of the women is true? Human testimony is the least reliable form of evidence…

          In a general sense, I agree with women because I know how tilted society has been–but that’s my personal opinion/feeling and can’t apply to individual cases! We do not try people in the court of public opinion, rather, we shouldn’t! And if someone is found guilty, we should fine them, jail them, whatever, but we don’t unwind their existence–if we should ever do that, shouldn’t that be reserved for the most heinous crimes?

  4. Jimmy says:

    A lot of Trump followers have Fire TVs, apparently.

    • AFTVnews says:

      Statistically, it’s probably about half. :-P

      To those commenting and those who will be commenting in the future, please keep things civil. One of my least favorite things to do is moderate political discussions.

      • tech3475 says:

        Perhaps you may need to switch to an account based system if these types of topics keep coming up, that way it’s easier to keep track from a mod stand point.

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