Amazon officially says Fire OS 5 will come to 1st-gen Fire TVs and Fire TV Sticks in February

Amazon has been silent about exactly when the Fire OS 5 software update would be released for the 1st-gen Fire TV and older non-voice Fire TV Sticks. My sources within Amazon told me in November that the update would likely arrive in January, but now Amazon has, for the first time, given an official timeframe for the software update. The product page for the new Fire TV Game Controller now states that “compatibility with Fire TV Stick and previous generation Amazon Fire TV will be available in February 2016 via a free, over-the-air software update.” While Amazon does not explicitly mention Fire OS 5 in that statement, the Fire TV Game Controller requires Fire OS 5 to work, so if older devices will support the new game controller in February, it’s pretty safe to say that’s when those devices will be receiving the Fire OS 5 software update. It’s been a long wait, and I’m sure many will be disappointed it won’t arrive in January, but at least now we have some official acknowledgment and timeframe from Amazon for the update.

  1. WTFamazon says:

    1st we were told it would be released in October when the Gen 2 units were released

    Then we were told November after they work out some issues

    Then it was January, January came with a BS story about an Amazon black out period from BF til the new year where Amazon does not release any updates for anything. But the voice stick, Gen2 units, & the Fire tablets all got updates during this period.

    Now we are being told February, with lie after lie after lie they are just forcing people to move on to a Roku, Apple TV, or some other device

    • HeffeD says:

      Lie after lie?

      You need to realize that those dates you’ve mentioned were all just speculation by third parties…

    • AFTVnews says:

      As HeffeD said, everything we’ve heard up until now has been from third parties, specifically me and my sources. This is the first time Amazon has given any kind of official timeframe for the update. I’m sorry if you feel lied to or mislead, but I was always upfront and clear that the info was from sources that wish to remain anonymous and not official statements from Amazon.

    • Ulises A. Rodriguez, Ph.D. says:

      Not only the voice stick, Gen2 units, & the Fire tablets, have got updates during this period…

      In January 6, also Amazon’s Fire Phones, have got a new 4.6.6 update!

    • Keith says:

      I’m not happy about it either but it’s not the web of lies you make it out to be, really. Everyone who tried the OS 5 preview late last summer knows this was REALLY buggy. I was surprised amazon released it in October on Gen 2.
      The delay doesn’t surprise me at all. Honestly I’m a tiny bit surprised amazon is updating the OS on gen 1. It’s yet another reason not to upgrade to gen 2 imho. You’re getting a slightly better product, the main features are such that only people with 4k TVs and ac wifi are really enjoying. The extra boost is barely noticeable (if at all) for streaming and navigating within kodi. I think Alexa is a nice feature and has tons of potential, but if their going to give me that without taking my $99, I’ll happily take it. It’s also cool that it can be rooted but amazon will patch that soon. And it’s unlikely we’ll see an unlocked bootoader like gen 1.

    • xnamkcor says:

      I’ve had 5 since I signed up to be a developer.

    • WildeCard says:

      “Now we are being told February, with lie after lie after lie they are just forcing people to move on to a Roku, Apple TV, or some other device”

      Really?? They’re “forcing” you to move on?? Has you existing Fire TV lost functionality? Is it somehow working less good than it was before you knew there would be an update at some point? What a freaking drama queen!

      • xnamkcor says:

        Maybe he misses the prospect of a few extra features so much, he’s going to switch to a device with vastly less features so he feels better about the solid Android device he already owns.

  2. Beato says:

    Which is not the mystery that has amazon with what they will say if then updated if whether or not to know if we stay with its box or change to another option if you have android 5.0 or more.

  3. Justin says:

    I’m glad they’re taking their time with the update. We all know how many issues they had with the new fire tv due to the new os so I only want the update when it works well.

  4. Blah_blah says:

    I know the developer version received bad feedback a few months ago, but I downloaded it for my stick a week ago and haven’t had any issues. If you really can’t wait then give it a shot… It’s really easy to do.

    • 2WhlWzrd says:

      I’ve been running the Developer version since the end of November on my Fire TV stick and haven’t experienced any issues either.
      It does have Alexa for what it’s worth (I don’t have voice remote),
      but it does not have the Dolby Digital pass-through fix that’s in 5.0.4.
      The fact that they sold these devices with the sound crippled on anything but Amazon Prime content seems to be rather anti-competitive behavior.
      And now to find out that they have been lying to us about this update really pisses me off.

  5. Blah_blah says:

    Love how the title of the article is quickly contradicted in the body :)

    • AFTVnews says:

      Yeah, sorry about that. I rushed this post because I was about to go live for the AFTVnewscast. I really should have used a different title since the didn’t actually mention Fire OS 5. But it really is as good as saying it’s the Fire OS 5 update.

  6. Jay says:

    the new os sucks. i have the 2nd fs and all it does is overheat and shut down. Amazon sent me a brand new one and the samething happened. I hope they fixed this terrible sw update.

  7. Bacon says:

    Meh, I switched back to Roku after the update didn’t come when November passed and don’t see myself hooking the Fire TV again up for awhile. Maybe when the next version of Kodi releases just to check it out.

    Everything on Roku just works better, plus it has every major app and a good Plex client, so it meets all my needs. Fire TV just has too much Android jank and Amazon’s version isn’t any better. If it weren’t for Kodi, I wouldn’t really recommend it at all.

  8. JDub says:

    With the new controller soon being compatible with 1st gen, will it still be case that the headphone jack on it won’t work?

  9. thegriff says:

    I’m not sure what the benefit of the new OS is at this point. I had a FireTV 2 for a couple weeks and returned when I realized it wasn’t any better than my rooted Gen1 device.

    • tom42 says:

      Newer apps like CBS All Access only work on OS5, they require OS5’s newer DRM support I believe.

      But on the flip side, apps like Watch ABC run on OS3 but not OS5

      My main issue is Hulu pauses like crazy (1/2 sec pause every 10-15 seconds) on OS3 since Hulu updated their app for OS5 support. I’m paying 12 bucks a month for a service I can not use unless I use a PC now

  10. pmcd says:

    Am very happy with the 2nd gen Fire TV. Certainly, Plex is much better for me now. Rarely any transcoding which is great. Netflix, Hulu work just as well and you can favourite side loaded apps.
    Oddly, I rarely use Alexa on it. It just seems much nicer on the Echo. For that matter I almost never use Siri on the Apple TV (4th gen). Speaking to a remote just seems odd.

    The Roku 3 is nice but that ship has crossed for me. Both the Fire TV and Apple TV are now in a position to leverage their more powerful developer platform and I predict they will both pull away from the Roku. Of course, you never know.

  11. Popcorn says:

    Any word on wether ther will be a rooted version for this? My Gen1 is currently rooted and I would like to keep it that way.

  12. shwru980r says:

    Will Fire OS 5 restore ALT-TAB functionality to toggle between apps?

  13. Adam says:

    Just got the OTA update today… 1st gen fire tv.

  14. D. Spratley says:

    My daughter’s Amazon Fire TV has had the OS 5 update since January but mine, which is under the same account and on the same network, doesn’t have the update.

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