Amazon offering Google TV owners a discounted Fire TV Stick

Amazon announced last month that they would no longer support Amazon Instant Video on Google TV devices. That news came a few months after it was obvious Google themselves were no longer supporting the platform when they ended YouTube support for Google TV devices. Now, Amazon customers who accessed Amazon Instant Video through a Google TV are beginning to receive incentives to replace their Google TV device with a Fire TV Stick. The emails state the Amazon Video app on Google TV will no longer be available after September 14 and include a $10 off discount code for the Fire TV Stick. This isn’t the first time Amazon has tried to make up for lost video support with Fire TV discounts. Last month, Amazon offered owners of older Samsung TVs from 2011 a simlar discount for ending Amazon video support on those TVs. If you’ve accessed Amazon video on a Google TV in the past, check your email for the discount offer, and share your codes in the comments below if you don’t plan to purchase a Fire TV Stick by the promo cut off date of October 7th.

  1. Val Resnick says:

    Stunning lack of insight. It’s this mentality of “you cant watch that on this” that drives the incentive to download from less than legit sources. It would appear easier to stick up a middle finger and grab what was wanted off Marauders’ Cove rather than battle market restrictions like this. Well done.

  2. Florian says:

    but Google TV isn’t Android TV, right? So they still support Android TV on the Sony TVs, Philips TVs and Nexus Player + Nvidia Shield Android TV?

  3. Y2Bogus says:

    They don’t support Nexus player or Shield, just Sony TVs apparently

    • Pedro says:

      And apparently, even if they support them in the future, when google stops paying them or Amazon feels like it, those apps would stop working at some point, not just stop receiving updates.

      Agree with Val Resnick, better to just give up on Amazon video service, and let it die if they continue with this practices.

  4. Craig says:

    my parents just got this same $10 off fire stick email because apple is dropping support for their lg blu ray player due to video “upgrades” that wont work. so now they have to get another device to watch their prime videos.

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