Amazon now sells its own Smart Light Switches for use with Alexa

Amazon now sells its own branded smart light switches, as first spotted by Dan Wroclawski (via Dave Zatz). The Amazon Basics-branded switches come in Single Pole, Single Pole Dimmer, 3-Way, and 3-Way Dimmer varients, starting at just $17.99 for the least expensive model and peaking at $20.99 for you fancy 3-way dimming folk. These are setup and configured directly within the Alexa app and connect directly via Wi-Fi, so there is no need for a hub.

Amazon first released its Smart Plug back in 2018, and quietly updated it earlier this year, but hasn’t done much since to expand its home automation offerings. While these new smart switches do carry the 2nd-tier Amazon Basics brand, as opposed to the regular 1st-tier Amazon brand, they seem to be as polished as the Amazon Smart Plug. They are controlled directly from the Alexa app and appear alongside all of Amazon’s other devices.

Amazon has provided an installation instructional video for the switch and a very detailed users manual (PDF) to help do-it-yourselfers get the new switches in their walls without needing to hire an electrician. However, Amazon does recommend owning a voltage tester, to ensure the power has been turned off correctly, which probably isn’t in the average person’s toolbox.

  1. Danner says:

    I’m already all in on TP-Link Kasa. Whish Amazon had a lower price, because I see no reason to buy theirs.

  2. Adam O'Donnell says:

    Same for me. I’m pretty committed to the Kasa ones. I have a number or devices already on that platform. If Amazon was a lot cheaper or noticably better/different than maybe I’d think about it.

  3. TechyChris says:

    Are these U.L. Listed?
    I’ve scrolled through the product page and the install PDF’s and it’s not immediately jumping out at me but I could have missed it.

  4. M Right says:

    I like Kasa however the Amazon 3 way switch has a dimmer and Kasa does not. I am invested with Kasa but I may give Amazon new 3 way switch a shot because of dimmer functionality.

  5. Andrew Wilkin says:

    If the internet suddenly goes down does this mean I no longer have lights in my house as well?

  6. Morana Revel says:

    Should read “hire” not “higher”.

    Hard to trust a writer who doesn’t know basic English.

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