Amazon now offers immediate discounts for select items when you choose No-Rush Shipping

If you’re a Prime member, you’re probably well aware of Amazon’s No-Rush Shipping credits. They’re incentives, like $1 Digital Credit or $5 Prime Pantry Credit, for voluntarily selecting a slower shipping method instead of the free 2-day option that Prime members are entitled to receive. It appears as though Amazon recently began offering immediate discounts on select items if you opt for no-rush shipping.

No-Rush Shipping rewards typically come in the form of account credits that can only be used towards a future purchase in a specific category. The most common reward seems to be $1 Digital Credit, which can be used on eligible Kindle eBooks, Amazon Appstore apps, Amazon Music downloads, Digital Video Games, Software Downloads, or Amazon Video rentals or purchases. Rewards can be as much as $10 towards things like TVs, furniture, and home services. At one point Amazon was even offering $3 generic Amazon credit as a No-Rush reward, which many consider being the best reward because it carries the least number of restrictions.

Regardless of the type of No-Rush credit offered, they all come with restrictions and expiration dates, so there’s no guarantee that a Prime member will be able to benefit from the reward before it’s gone. What made matters worse was that during the program’s infancy, there was no easy way to keep track of one’s No-Rush rewards. Amazon has since created a No-Rush-Reward Summary page where you can see how much of each reward your account has built up and when the rewards will expire.

For a seemingly very small selection of items, it appears that Amazon has begun offering instant discounts at checkout if Prime members select the No-Rush shipping option. This tape measure is one such item for me, although, the offer may vary for different Amazon accounts. The regular price of the tape measure is $5.00 and Prime members are given the option to save $0.29 immediately for selecting the slowest shipping option. While that’s not much of a discount, another example with a much more substantial discount is this set of measuring spoons, which are $9.99 with $3 off if you select No-Rush shipping.

The instant savings offer appears in search results under the item listing as an orange savings flag with the words “No-Rush SHipping” next to the flag. On the product page itself, the discount is listed in bold green text. During checkout, where you would normally see which, if any, No-Rush reward is offered it simply says “Get an instant discount” and you’ll need to select the slow shipping option before seeing how much of a discount is given.

There’s no way to filter search results to only include items that have No-Rush discounts, so you’ll just need to keep your eyes peeled for the orange flags. With some discounts being as much as 30% off, and possibly higher, they’re likely significant enough to even sway purchase decisions for some people.

  1. Patricia Beach says:

    What a great incentive for no-rush shipping. I already take advantage of the 1 digital rewards using no-rush shipping. I find Amazon stills ships packages quickly even when I select the no-rush shipping.

  2. Shawn Roth says:

    I don’t like this it seems like a penalty for being a prime customer. 2 day shipping is no longer “free” now it is costing me 3 bucks..on top of my prime fee..which is also going up.

    • clocks says:

      Yes & no. It gives an option for items you don’t need right away to recoup some of your Prime costs. I like this a lot more than the various credit offers I would always ignore.

      I do think Amazon needs to watch their pricing on Prime though. I’ll likely pay the $120, but when it gets bumped it again, I may drop it. It seems like Prime Video is filled with mostly crap, and at some point $120/year for the faster shipping will not make sense. I don’t use their other services.

    • Joe Camel says:

      You mean how health insurance costs $180 a month for smokers or $160 a month for nonsmokers, and they tell us they’re giving us a $20 discount?

  3. Chris says:

    I also notice that my no rush orders often come much earlier than the promised date.

    One thing about the $1 digital credit is that, at least for me, it encourages ordering items individually, as the digital credits mostly don’t stack for multiple item orders. I find that Amazon will often combine these orders behinds the scenes and they often arrive in the same box, so it’s not as bad of a hit to their shipping costs as it sounds, but still if these price incentives stack, I can see where it would remove the incentive to make multiple small orders.

    Personally, I hope they at least keep the digital credit as an option. I order often enough that I have been slowly building up my digital library by watching the Amazon Video sales and picking up titles I’m interested in when they’re on sale for “free” (…yes I know, I know. That’s why its in quotes).

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