Amazon now offers $15 off when you buy a pair of Fire TV Sticks

Amazon just started a new promotion where you can save $15 when you buy two Amazon Fire TV Sticks using promo code 2PACK. While Amazon has commonly offered discounts when buying multiples of other devices, like Echos and Fire tablets, this is the first time they’ve offered a similar discount for a Fire TV device. The Fire TV Sticks come to $32.49 each with this promotion, which is just an okay deal since we’ve seen several sales recently where the Fire TV Stick has been $29.99. One thing to keep in mind is that Amazon will occasionally allow these multiple purchase discounts to be applied while the device is already on sale. So the next time the Fire TV Stick goes on sale, be sure to check if this promotion still applies if you purchase two at a time.

  1. JFC says:

    You kind of have to wonder at what point everyone in the U.S. who actually wants a 2nd gen Fire TV stick will have already obtained one. It’s not like they haven’t been around for a while in their current tech version, and not like there haven’t been countless sales along the way.

    Hey Amazon, instead of recycling old tech, how about coming out with a newer generation of the Fire TV stick at a comparable price point that meets the current era of TV technology, like UHD, HDR, and a microUSB port to allow USB stick access and/or Etherlet adapters.

    The current Fire TV Stick 2nd gens have their gray hair showing.

    • Tech3475 says:

      Doubt we’ll see anything soon, especially since those features are the point of the FTV 3.

      The rumored Android Stick may change things if competitively priced.

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