Amazon now allows Calling and Messaging through Alexa on Fire, Android, and iPad tablets

Ever since Amazon first introduced calling and messaging capabilities for Alexa, you’ve been able to use the Alexa app on a smartphone to send and receive calls and messages in place of an Echo device. Now Amazon has extended that capability to tablets as well. Amazon Fire tablets, Apple iPads, and generic Android tablets can now all use the Alexa app to join the conversation with Echo devices and smartphones. The new capabilities are not yet available on my latest generation Fire HD 10, so it seems like the update is still rolling out.

Once the ability is available on your tablet, you’ll be able to open the Alexa app and configure its new calling and messaging capabilities. I’m told you’ll be asked for your phone number in order to import contacts, so it sounds like you may need to have first set up calling on a smartphone before you can use it on a tablet, but I’m not certain.

Since the Fire HD 10 has hands-free Alexa capabilities built into the tablet, you’ll be able to place calls and send messages without lifting a finger. On other Fire tablets, simply hold the home button and speak your request to Alexa. For iPads and other Android tablets, you’ll need to open the Alexa app and select the conversation tab to use Alexa’s calling and messaging capabilities.

  1. Kevin says:

    Is this working with the Eufy Genie too?

  2. Preston says:

    Why not to the echo tap? Has amazon abandoned the tap?

  3. lvmykyds says:

    Thanks for the update on this. I am hoping that you can connect without a phone number. Makes it so hard to use calling and video features for the older generations that refuse to get a smartphone.

    • Tinker-2-Evans-2-Chance says:

      I have had immense issues with what you’re describing. Amazon does not want you to use such devices without linking them to a smart phone (which, ironically does not include the now-defunct fire phone, the only smart phone I own). Very frustrating.

  4. OG Charlie says:

    I don’t get the point of this when you have to connedt it to your cell phone and import all your contacts.

    Why doesn’t this work like Google Voice?

    • cheryl jones says:

      I just looked up google voice and they give you a phone number. However there are no more numbers in Miami or Fort lauderdale florida. But i have an older smart phone and something like this would be great for echo. I also do not want to give echo all my contacts. There are like only 3 people i would want contacting me through the echo.

  5. Stick Man says:

    This is my issue and why I have not activated this feature. Come on Amazon we have the Alexa App let us enter the three or four contacts that most would use in the App. Until then sorry but I will not be using this feature. I have close to 300 contacts in my phone, I’m not willing to share all those it’s a privacy concern for me.

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