Amazon No-Rush Reward digital credits can no longer be used to purchase Gift Cards or Digital Video games

Amazon often offers Prime members one of several incentives to select a shipping method that is slower than the free 2-day option that is included with their membership. The most common one lately seems to be a $5 credit that can be applied to a Prime Now order, but one of the most popular No-Rush rewards is $1 Digital credit that can be used towards the purchase of digital goods on Amazon. Those digital credit can be used to purchase “Kindle eBooks, Amazon Appstore apps, Amazon Music downloads, or Prime Video rentals or purchases,” but they could also be used to purchase digital gift cards to non-Amazon stores and digital PC games. That is, until now. Amazon has just updated the digital reward terms to now say that rewards may not be used to purchase “software subscriptions, gift cards, digital video games or memberships.” The old terms only prohibited software subscriptions. You can view your No-Rush Reward balance here.

  1. Chris says:

    I have never been able to buy an app using these credits. Anyone know how?

  2. Don says:

    Yea, I discovered this on my own. Too bad. Was the sole reason I took advantage of this $1 digital credit for slower delivery.

    I’ll have to re-think this whole thing.

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