Amazon No-Rush credits expire this weekend — Also, ‘Whiplash’ and other films are on sale for $0.99

This is just a quick heads up that if you have “No-Rush” credit from Amazon that you earned by selecting slower shipping options, there is a good chance some of it will expire this Sunday, February 28. You can check to see how much credit you have and when it will expire on Amazon’s No-Rush Rewards Summary page. If you’re looking for something to spend the credit on, consider buying the movie Whiplash, which is on sale for $0.99, along with other films. There are also movies on sale for $4.99, such as Shutter Island, Django Unchained, Get Out. Read on for more movies on sale.

$0.99 Movies

$4.99 or less Movies

  1. John P Grabouski says:

    OF, if we have nothing to do with our excess NO-RUSH Rewards, we can transfer them to Elias Saba by purchasing a couple of his Apps. [I see givig via a legit means, to someone whom I appreciate a better alternative than letting them root in my Amazon Cloud]
    … THanks for everything Elias.

    • TechyChris says:

      Exactly what I refer to in my comment below. I recently got $1 No Rush Credit (which has an expiration date) but I never make app/music store purchases so my first thought was “Can I transfer this to Elias via Downloader Donations?” I tried to BUT Amazon wanted $1.20 for my $1 transaction and wouldn’t process it.
      Not Elias’ fault of course but it would have been nice to simply “pay it forward” to a developer I value… in a word, taxes suck, especially when they are for electronic transactions only!(Full Disclosure – I never keep active payment sources linked to my Amazon Account)

  2. TechyChris says:

    Personally I don’t think the Amazon No Rush Credit is worth it. In most cases they offer me $1 but in order to use that dollar I must pay additional tax so I actually need TWO no rush credits to complete a $1 transaction.
    On a side note: Amazon has “quietly” changed it’s T.O.C. for Prime Members regarding 1 & 2 day shipping: It’s no longer guaranteed (presumably due to Covid-19 logistics issues) FINE I accept this EXCEPT Free expediated shipping was literally one of the main selling features of Amazon Prime.
    I live near a major hub, perhaps I was spoiled but it rarely took more than 1-3 days to receive my orders. Now it’s taking 7-10 Days, not too happy abut this since I PAY for Prime delivery. Let’s hope it goes back to normal in the coming year.

  3. Johnm93359 says:

    You were spot on. My credits do expire on that date. I would normally expect them to expire based on a date acquired + x number of days. That would give you floating expirations, based on purchase date. Do you know how the dates are actually set? I also believe that my last 2 purchases didnt offer no rush credits. Any knowledge of possible reasons why?

    • It does seem like they should expire some number of days after being earned, but that’s not the case. Instead, Amazon basically picks some date in the future where all newly earned credits, across all Amazon accounts, will expire. Once we get within a few months of that expiration date, it’s pushed out to a new date for when all new credits expire.

      All credits earned this year are, so far, expiring on June 15, 2021. The credits expiring on February 28, 2021 were all earned during October, November, and December of 2020. Credits earned before October 2020 expired on December 17, 2020. So you can see that every few months a new expiration date is set for all credits earned in some arbitrary window of time.

  4. Johnm93359 says:

    Any recommended software/utilities for $1-2?
    free movies are so abundant that useful software might make more sense.

  5. John P Grabouski says:

    I must be purchasing more often then most, or perhaps the location of Nebraska gets the prime credits more readily. Other than purchasing an album or two, the only other USEFUL use ahs been apparently Amazon applies any outstanding credit to “Amazon Channels” I have subscribed to??

    So for example, I subscribed to Epix for $1.99 per month for the first X months before heading to the FULL RATE….so to my surprise, my $$ disappeared from my No RUSH credit balance monthly.

    I have NOT done great research on this, so be sure to check the rules on your own, lest I am wrong…

    OBVIOUSLY I still support sending the $$ to Elias via whatever can be done. He is doing us ALL a favor by his Software. His knowledge and this website etc…

    Personally I am fine with taking the No-RUSH credit option, so I will continue to do so for my personal needs…PS…I do believe we now have a distribution center in GRETNA (1 hour east)…so who knows what happens long term. Elias, thanks AGAIN for all you do.. [And apologies for lack of editing in my first post…must have been half asleep (or more).]

    • John P Grabouski says:

      And for those of us who still have those dusty old COINS laying around in our account. THose work too…THanks again (no idea where I got the 100 promo coins>>> Might those be my NoRUSHSHIPPING balance?? Twas a $1.00 have to check to see.)

      Item Subtotal: 500 Coins
      Promotions: -100 Coins
      Total Before Tax: 400 Coins
      Tax Collected*: 29 Coins
      Grand Total: 429 Coins


      • John P Grabouski says:

        Yep confirmed. That 100 point “promotions” credit was my $1.00 balance for No Rush shipping…So using PROMOTION credit and coins is a possibility (although may not be of interest to most)…

        Elias, not sure if it will buy you a cup of Starbucks coffee, but perhaps the empty cup?? [I have never paid for a cup of Starbucks Joe, so no idea what it costs now.]

  6. Donna says:

    This article was SO helpful to find .99 movies to use up my $3! Amazon’s search couldn’t help me, it did not filter out correctly and was horrible to use. Your article got right to the point with great suggestions. Thank you! Please do another article next time they expire! So glad I found this.

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