Amazon negotiating with Comcast for HBO Go activation on the Fire TV


The celebration yesterday for the arrival of HBO Go on the Amazon Fire TV was cut short for many when they launched the app to find that their cable television provider was not on the list of approved activation partners. It’s not enough for Amazon and HBO to cut a deal when cable providers like Comcast continue to act as gatekeepers. Now that Amazon has made good on their promise to bring HBO Go to the Fire TV, they begin a new battle with Comcast. A source tells Engadget that the two companies are in talks to allow HBO Go acces on the Fire TV.

A similar arangment was just finalized last month by Roku and Comcast to bring HBO Go access to Roku owners with Comcast subscriptions. However, after nearly a month, that deal has yet to go into effect. Even if Amazon and Comcast come to an agreement, there’s no telling how long it will take for consumers to see those benefits or if it will even matter in the end. HBO announced earlier this year that they’ll finally be cutting out the cable provider middle man and allowing consumers to subscribe directly to HBO’s programming without the need of a cable subscription. It’s likely no coincidence that Spring 2015 is both when the Fire TV Stick will be receiving HBO Go access, and when HBO’s a la carte subscription plans are expected to arrive.

  1. Y314K says:

    Comcast HBO subscribers need hassle Comcast about their HBOGo blocking… All Comcast is doing is making sure folks start to look elsewhere for their legal content… Good job Comcast…

  2. Skater4599 says:

    I have comcast at home, and was looking forward to trying HBO Go as my comcast service includes it but I’ve never even used it and wanted to give it a try with the FTV. Comcast has good speed internet but are such a PITA to work with!

  3. Jonny says:

    fwark Comcast. They’re gonna make like the dodo soon anyways. And once HBO Go can be purchased independently starting next April, this will all be a moot point. Good job Comcast for shooting yourself in the foot

  4. KLit75 says:

    Where does it end? Why hasn’t the electric companies chimed in and told Comcast “Hey! You’re making loads of money but without OUR service where would you be? Pay up!!!”
    Or does Comcast already own all those utility companies?…

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