Amazon makes a small but welcomed change to the Fire TV navigation menu

It seems like Amazon can’t quite settle on the best arrangement of navigation icons on the Fire TV home screen because it has changed once again. Most recently, Amazon merged the “Profile” and “Settings” icons to make room for a new “Games” icon. Before that, Amazon squeezed in a new “Free” icon to make it easier to get to the content that doesn’t cost anything extra. The change this time is only a rearrangement of the already present icons, but I would argue it’s more useful for most people than either of the new icons that have been added recently.

Amazon has decided to move the “My Stuff” tab, which is denoted by a bookmark icon, from the far right of the navigation menu to the far left. For those unfamiliar with the “My Stuff” tab, it was added two years ago when Amazon switched from text tabs to icons and it contains your watchlist, DVR recordings if you have a Fire TV Recast, purchases, and rentals. From left to right, the new navigation menu order is now: My Stuff, Games, Find, Free, Home, and Live.

While moving the “My Stuff” icon is a relatively minor change on the surface, doing so comes with the welcomed advantage of reducing the number of button presses it takes to get to your list of favorite apps. Since the “Home” icon is the default placement for the cursor, getting to your first favorite app now only takes two button presses. I suspect that Amazon determined that relatively few Fire TV users use the “My Stuff” tab and, so, decided to deprioritize its placement by moving it out of the path to your apps.

While moving the “My Stuff” tab to the left of the “Home” icon seems to be a universal change, the arrangement of the navigation menu still varies between Fire TV models. Devices with an input menu on the navigation bar, like Fire TV Smart TVs and the 3rd-gen Fire TV Cube, still have a profile icon on the far left, followed by an input selection icon. These devices have had the “My Stuff” icon moved out of the path to the app icons, but they still do not have the newer “Free” or “Games” tabs found on most Fire TV models.

Although most of Amazon’s Fire TV menu changes have been well-received over the years, by far the most significant improvement would be allowing users to customize the order of tab icons. That seems like a pipe dream because, besides being able to change the order of the app icons, the Fire TV home screen has never been customizable in any significant way. At least it now takes one less click to leave the home screen.

  1. Jeff W says:

    One more F/U to those of us that dropped big bucks on the now defunct Recast.

    • Mike H says:

      Maybe leaving the design layout under end-user control (like Nvidia Shield) is the way to go. Shield even allows users to remove unwanted tabs. When I called Amazon fire technical support they claimed that “Since your product cost has been subsidized by Amazon most of the home screen is no longer under your control.”
      I returned a brand new cube upgrade when all the FreeVee crap got forced on Fire Tv users in the summer of 2023.
      Launchers are only a workaround for the tech savvy, until Amazon breaks them again.

      As a disAbled user, The simplicity of a (UX) interface is a disability accommodation for me And a lot of others I know

    • Keith says:

      Ain’t that the truth. I don’t know what I’d do without my Recast.

      • Jeff W says:

        I picked up one of the new V4 Tablo units as a backup, since the Recast gets flakier with every fireOS update. Once Tablo gets their AppleTV app working, I may start retiring the Fire devices.

  2. AndreaG says:

    Using a Launcher remedies the menu appearance problem.

  3. Larry johnson says:

    What really needs work is the library. It leaves a LOT to be desired. A whole lot.

  4. Tingo says:

    Home screen has nothing to do with the user. It’s for force feeding ads. It’s not acceptable to only allow 6 apps to be added. While that continues these minor changes are a nonsense.

    • Kary says:

      I’d agree they should allow more apps to be added, and that would mean allowing the items to the left that you never use to be removed. I don’t use any of those items.

      The ads don’t bother me as long as they are suggestions of things to watch, which FWIW, are much better than Paramount+ commercial suggestions.

      • Peg says:

        I agree also. I literally click the home button and move right to my apps I set the order on. If the app I want is not in the 6 displayed, I will move down to recently used apps. I wish I could move this menu line was right below the main line.

      • Tingo says:

        Unfortunately they are not, I get ads for skin creams, gadgets and other things. I now bypass the home screen useing alexa as I have a cube to use the app drawer as my home screen.

        • Kevin says:

          What do you mean when you stated: “now bypass the home screen using
          Alexa as I have a cube to use the app drawer as my home screen.”

          I do not have a cube, but I do own an Alexa Dot and I am interested in how you bypass the home screen to use the app drawer as your home screen. Thanks in advance.

      • John says:

        They. Neeed to put a guide like Hulu and Samsung TV. Easy to use. Don’t like icons.

  5. Alan Woods says:

    I wonder if I am the owner of my firestick or just the renter of it? Amazon is playing GOD again by pushing unwanted ads and other crap onto the Home Screen, and now on top of that they have removed ADB debugging from the devices and stopped apps that have already been purchased from their apps store from working. ‍♂️

  6. Joe says:

    Streaming services are all the same NOW once they get you to cut the cord there in control no matter which streaming service it is they’re just as bad as the cable companies now.

  7. CraigWhittle says:

    Simple click my apps and arrange what apps you want on quick select main screen

  8. V Bolden says:

    Instead of changing this why don’t y’all have an option to completely DELETE all those pre installed apps that we don’t need or use because they are only taking up space and are a waste of space we could free up a lot of space.

  9. Retired Bum says:

    Good reason to purchase another streaming device. My go to is the Google TV ONN streaming box from Wally World at $19.98.

    • Mike says:

      Get yourself the Chromecast with google TV and you’ll throw out that Onn Box faster than a missed off bull mowing threw matadors.

      Best decision I made after leaving fireTV, and later leaving the Onn Box.

  10. Ronie says:

    Why can’t our continue watching be just that…. Instead it takes us to the same episode we already watch… Or give us the option to use the season and episode tab.. so we can get to the next episode

    • Anonymous says:

      Agree that this needs to improve.

      FYI. You can get to the Season and Episode tabs by selecting the hamburger (3 line) button and selecting MORE INFO for a series. That will land you on the Series page and it will indicate what it sees as the NEXT UP episode. If it is wrong you can go into the Season tab and select the NEXT episode you wish to play.

  11. Ernesto says:

    They are taking total control of what you watch and how you live your own life

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