Amazon made it easier than ever for Alexa Skills to add in-skill purchases

Amazon has announced a new tool for developers that makes it much easier to add in-skill purchasing (ISP) to Alexa Skills, as spotted by CNET. Where before, developers had to use an unintuitive command-line interface to add purchases to their skills, they can now use a simpler web interface built directly into the Alexa Developer Console that they’re already used to using. For Alexa users, this will likely mean that more and more of the 70,000 Alexa Skills will likely begin adopting and experimenting with premium features that require paying money. Be sure you’ve got an Alexa PIN set up for voice purchases if you have kids or others that might inadvertently buy something while interacting with Alexa.

  1. xnamkcor says:

    Alexa, order a pizza.

    Did you say B***J***? Order Confirmed.

    Alexa, cancel order.

    Monthly order confirmed.

  2. Airwaves says:

    “Amazon made it easier than ever for Alexa Skills to add in-skill purchases”

    Boy! I didn’t see that coming!! /S

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