Amazon Luna now supports using your Phone as a Virtual Controller on all platforms including Fire TV

Amazon has dropped a lot of hurdles for trying Amazon Luna, its cloud gaming service, today. If you’re a Prime member, you can now play a selection of games for free without needing to sign up for a free trial. Additionally, all US residents can now use the service without needing an invitation. While those two are great, the biggest hurdle being removed is the need for a physical game controller because it is now possible to use your phone as a virtual controller. While it is certainly not ideal, it at least allows many to try the service without needing to buy any additional hardware, like the Luna Controller.

To use the Luna virtual controller, simply install the Luna Controller app (Apple App Store | Google Play Store) on either an iPhone or and Android phone. This app was originally used to pair the physical Luna Controller to the Luna service, but now it can double as a virtual controller if you don’t have something like an Xbox or PlayStation controller to use. Of course, if you’re playing through a PC, Mac, or Chromebook, you can always use the computer’s mouse and keyboard.

Launching the virtual controller presents you with the standard layout that has all the buttons you would expect to find on a modern controller, including dual analog sticks, L/R triggers, and L/R bumper buttons. These won’t be as good as physical buttons, but they should get the job done. The virtual controller even offers haptic feedback using your phone’s vibration motor, as well as swipeable X/Y/A/B buttons, which can be configured in the app.

In addition to the standard layout, the app offers an alternate arcade layout. In the arcade layout, the trigger and bumper buttons are removed to give you a bit more room and a place to rest your fingers without tapping a button. This layout is meant for older games and simpler games, such as those available in Luna’s Retro Channel.

Lastly, there is also a virtual controller made specifically for driving games. The driving controller removes the dual thumbsticks and instead provides a single thumbstick for steering and an analog gas and brake lever on the right. It also has the option to enable tilt steering so that you can use your phone’s gyroscope to steer instead of the thumbstick.

  1. samaya says:

    When I open up the Luna controller app there is a button called add Luna controller and when I clicked on it I thought it was just gonna let me do the virtual controller thing but instead it made me add an actual controller for some reason can someone help me

    • Dshanna says:

      Me and my bf and the same phone and his is working mine isn’t. We were trying to play together but it wouldn’t let me connect and then when he left I tried connecting to have solo play but it still doesn’t connect it only connected once for like 5 seconds when he invited to “couch play”

      • Richard Sanders says:

        Its because what ever device yall are playing a game on is thinking that 1 phone is trying to connect twice cause you said yall have the same phone (**Rite**) if yes then do this go into settings find menu selection for About Phone when you have found that select it and look for an area usaully around the top that Desribes your phone Name n model blah blah blah click on it to Edit it and enter a new name for your phone dont worry changing it will not hurt nor will it affect anything to do with ur phone in any way at all PROMISE YOU so after naming click save and return to ur homescreen Now go try to connect ur phone again also insure that BT is on HOPE THIS WORKS FOR YOU

    • Mia k says:

      it literally tells u to click launch to use it

  2. Jacob says:

    For some reason I get the controller up on my phone but it keeps saying that it’s trying to connect to Luna but it just never connects!

  3. Mia k says:

    Oops wrong message

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