Amazon Luna now has individual games to buy and play — Ubisoft games available first

Ever since Amazon Luna cloud gaming launched, it has strictly been a subscription-based service that provided access to various game collections, called channels, for a monthly fee. That has now changed with the launch of the Luna store where you can buy individual games to play without needing to be subscribed to one of the Luna channels. Ubisoft is the first game publisher to offer its games in the store, with 46 titles available.

When you purchase a Ubisoft game through Luna, it’ll be playable in the cloud through Luna but will also be added to your Ubisoft account. Should Luna ever close down, or if you have a PC capable of playing the game locally, you’ll still be able to download and play the game independently of Luna.

The one catch with buying a game from the Luna store is that you must either be a Prime member or a subscriber to Luna+ to play the game you purchased on Luna. Simply buying the game through Luna does not, by itself, grant you access to that game on Luna without any other membership or subscription that already gives you access to Luna.

In the context of Ubisoft games, specifically, not much has actually changed with this announcement, since Prime members have been able to play their Ubisoft games through Luna for nearly a year. It’s just now possible to make the purchase through Luna, instead of just through Ubisoft. What’s more significant is the Luna store itself, which makes individual game purchases possible for the first time. That has the potential of opening the door for other game publishers to offer their games through Luna without needing to also have a subscription-based Luna channel.

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