Amazon Luna drops stand-alone Windows and Mac desktop apps

Amazon has removed the download links to the Luna desktop application for both Mac and Windows PCs from its Luna compatible devices help page. The page used to instruct users to “Install on Windows and Mac systems” with download links for both, but now the page directs all PC users to access the cloud gaming service through a compatible web browser instead.

Those that already have the PC clients installed can continue to use them, for now. You can even still download the Luna clients directly from Amazon, through this link for Windows and this link for Mac, but Amazon is no longer listing those links anywhere on its website. When I asked Amazon why the links were removed, a product communications representative said “we don’t have any news to share around this.”

Amazon Luna has suffered from hits in the last few months, including the loss of many games, major layoffs and the loss of its general manager, which is making people wonder if the service will survive much longer. Dropping access to Luna’s PC apps could be just a cost cutting strategy to reduce development overhead or it could be another indication that the service is struggling.


Amazon has reached out to me to eplain that “Customers on PCs and Macs can continue to access and play Luna from supported browsers” and that “We saw customers were spending significantly more time playing games on Luna using their web browsers than on native PC and Mac apps. When we see customers love something, we double down. We optimized the web browser experience with the full features and capabilities offered in Luna’s native desktop apps so customers now have the same exact Luna experience when using Luna on their web browsers.”

Regarding the future of Luna, Amazon had the folowing to say: “We believe firmly in the future of cloud gaming and will be sunsetting the Luna PC and Mac native desktop apps so we can invest more time and resources innovating on behalf of our Luna customers.”

  1. John says:

    PWAs are the future, where updates are handled on their side rather than the user to update the app. I see this as a development plus so any bugs can be fixed and not specific to one client on one specific OS

  2. Panda says:

    The reason luna windows and Mac support was removed and people where fired was due to it being used as a backdoor hack into all androids, iPhones, macs and almost all other devices running kernels, bootstraps or bios. unfortunately your apps have a flaw and they let someone unknown into my firestick then from there into my amazon account them into every device i own. has cost me well over 1000$ and i still had to replace all my devices at my expense because i was told “I rooted them” and that voided all warranty and guarantee.

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