Amazon Luna cloud gaming is now available on select Samsung Smart TVs

Amazon and Samsung have announced that Amazon Luna cloud gaming is now available directly through the Samsung Gaming Hub on select Samsung Smart TVs. Luna joins other cloud gaming services like Xbox Game Pass, Nvidia GeForce Now, Google Stadia, and Utomik which are already available on Samsung TVs. Unfortunately, access to these cloud gaming services is only available on 2022 Samsung smart TVs and M-series smart monitors. This partnership with Samsung is the first time that Amazon Luna has been made available on a device other than a Fire TV, phone, tablet, or computer. Both the Luna Controller and standard Bluetooth controllers will work to play Luna games on Samsung Smart TVs.

  1. AnonTemp says:

    Is the Luna controller better in terms of performance/response?

    • Yes. The controller connects directly to WiFi, so it bypasses whatever you are using to display the Luna game. This eliminates the extra lag you get from the display device acting as a middle-man for the controller commands.

      So it goes: Button press -> WiFi -> Router/Modem -> Luna Server

      Instead of: Button press -> Bluetooth -> Samsung TV/Fire TV/Phone/PC -> WiFi -> Router/Modem -> Luna Server

      Eliminating the Bluetooth connection and the display device from the communication stream makes a significant difference when every millisecond counts, which it does with cloud gaming services.

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