Amazon likely close to launching its own cheaper Fire TV-branded TVs

Smart TVs from various manufacturers with Amazon’s Fire TV operating system built-in have been around since 2017. However, it wasn’t until 4 years later that Amazon decided to release its own branded Fire TV Smart TVs with the introduction of the Fire TV 4-Series and Fire TV Omni Series TVs in late 2021. While those TVs did all have 4K screens, they lacked many high-end features. It wasn’t until last year with the release of the Fire TV Omni QLED Series in 2022 that Amazon incorporated premium features into its own line of TVs. Now it’s looking like the next set of Amazon-branded Fire TV Smart TVs will target the opposite end of the TV market with cheaper TVs.

This week, Amazon updated its list of devices compatible with Luna cloud gaming. Some more recently released phones, like the Pixel 6, Pixel 6 Pro, and OnePlus 8T, were added to the list of compatible devices, but the most interesting addition is the yet-to-be-announced “Fire TV 2-Series” line of Fire TV Smart TVs.

Amazon’s least expensive line of Amazon-branded Fire TV Smart TVs is called the Fire TV 4-Series. It consists of budget-friendly 4K TVs in 43, 50, and 55-inch sizes that lack most of the premium features found in its more expensive Fire TV Omni Series line, like support for Dolby Vision HDR and hands-free voice control. Judging by the lower number in the name, one can pretty safely assume that the presumably upcoming Fire TV 2-Series TVs will fall below the current Fire TV 4-Series models in price and features.

Amazon has yet to release its own branded Fire TV Smart TVs that don’t use 4K screens. Considering Amazon’s 1080p Fire TV Stick and Fire TV Stick Lite still outsell any of the 4K-capable Fire TV models, I expect the upcoming Fire TV 2-Series TVs to be 1080p and/or 720p TVs. I would also expect the Fire TV 2-Series TVs to have screens smaller than 43 inches, which is where the screen sizes of Amazon’s existing 4K TVs start. Toshiba and Insignia have been selling 720p Fire TV Smart TVs, ranging from 24 to 39 inches, and 1080p Fire TV Smart TVs, ranging from 32 to 43 inches, since 2018 and those TVs have consistently been among the best-selling Fire TV Smart TV models.

Only one out of the five best-selling Fire TV Smart TV models right now is a 4K TV. While high-end 4K TVs get all the media attention, the fact is that people seem to still be buying quite a few 1080p/720p TVs in small sizes. It makes sense that Amazon would want its own branded TVs to be among those options, which is likely where the unreleased Fire TV 2-Series TVs will fall.

  1. Greg says:

    Don’t rush to be the first. These TVs seem to only work for about a year before they they start having issues from not working properly to stop working all together. You mostly probably better off Buying a non Fire TV and a Firestick Max and or A Fire Cube 3. And if they die it is a lot cheaper to buy another Firestick Max and or Fire Cube 3. Remember Samsung tvs and some other tvs Don’t Have Dolby Vision.

    • MXO says:

      Don’t say that Greg. Finally pulled the trigger on a 43 inch 4 series and am enjoying it thus far (few days in) until my bigger TV gets its capacitor in. Anywho, are they really only lasting a year?

    • 4series says:

      I got a 4-series day 1 and it’s still going strong. Software had some growing pains early but that’s about it. Daily driver in a bedroom. Works just fine.

  2. Anthony Rossetti says:

    The TV market is a mess right now, you can either get a nice panel with garbage electronics and software or a crappy panel with good software but you can’t have both or more like you can’t find any TV that has decent software at all.
    I seriously regret my recent purchase of a top model LG OLED, WEB OS is hot garbage and makes me want to get rid of my TV already.
    it takes 20 minutes for the TV to turn on and go to the input
    and another 15 minutes for the CEC to start to work if it does at all.
    CEC is horribly broken and goes out of sync with my AVR all the time, stops working all the time and the software has a bunch of other very annoying bugs.
    How is it that a brand new OLED is about 15 times slower than the ancient Panasonic plasma I replaced it with that is from 2008?
    there are no good options for a good panel that are not ruined by garbage software, Tizen sucks, Google TV sucks, and web OS sucks,so that rules out the 3 major brands.
    Vizio is also trash, and I never tried a Hisense or TCL so I can’t comment on those.
    It’s like these manufactures take a beautiful panel and then strap the worst possible electronics to it and put in broken garbage software that feels like something from the mid to late 90’s.
    Also my LG OLED panel was defective right out of the box and had a line down it top to bottom and it had to be replaced day one.
    I waited all this time to replace my 2008 plasma, I guess I should have waiter longer, everything currently on the market right now is garbage.
    I would say I would like a top end TV with fire OS but Amazon is ruining fire TV OS now too.
    I have a lot of issues with my fire sticks now but having it built in would solve at least one or two of them.
    Like my cameras not working anymore because it says “sorry cameras don’t work on this deice”now and all trouble shooting will not fix it (happens on all my sticks on all my TV’s now), no TV controls work with Alexa at all, the LG Alexa skill doesn’t work at all.
    and my Bravia no longer works with automatic equipment control for months now, everything is set right and the devices have been rebooted 50 times but the TV won’t turn on or switch to the fire stick input anymore, it worked for years but just stopped working a few months ago for no reason.
    I swear to god Amazon is quietly breaking things to get to buy their TV’s.

    • dennycranium says:

      No TV should take 20 minutes to turn on. If your TV is still under warranty I’d have it looked at.
      IF by chance you purchased your TV at a Costco warehouse? Contact the Director of that location and ask to return your TV and get your refund amount on a Costco gift card. Then, take that giftcard and buy a new TV and take the extended warranty. Also,if you get a lemon or don’t like the TV you bought? Costco has a 90 day refund DOA policy. I live in Canada and Costco offers a concierge service where you can call for tech support. TV’s normally come with a 1 year warranty. Costco doubles the warranty to two years. The last 3 TV’S I’ve owned have failed after the factory warranty expired. The $70.00 I paid for the extended warranty was well worth it. I’ve had them all replaced under the extended warranty.

  3. Craig says:

    Honestly? I think I would rather just buy Roku TV (probably the new in-house sets at Best Buy) from here-on out…I have a Roku Steambar Pro and 5.1 surround speakers and the OMNI Fire 50″ and it’s ARC/CEC compatibility simply doesn’t work well, so I rely on optical. But also? I feel like RokuOS is rock solid and the TV will get updates for a lot longer than most TVs…just use Fire/Google TV sticks/boxes going forward cause those can simply be swapped out.

  4. Mark says:

    Well, did everyone get their rants out yet? Hahaha…I can honestly say, the premium Fire TVs are, well…FIRE!!! Hahaha. I have or have tried Hisense FTV, TLC GTV, Toshiba FTV, and Amazon 4-Series FTV. The lower in tier you go, the slower the OS systems are when it comes to FTV. The higher the tier, the faster. The TLC GTV is by far the worst OS experience, right up there with LG and Vizio’s lousy OS. But my Toshiba FTV is an absolute premium and enjoyable experience and I have zero complaints. The Toshibas at least equal the fire cube 2 I use on the TLC. The Amazon 4-Series can hold its own, depending on expectations of course. It isn’t bad by any means. The OS is slower than I would like, but it is an entry level set so that needs to be taken into consideration.

    What I’m interested to read is that 1080p, even considering the steep discounts 4K has been having, is still so popular, albeit, the smaller screen sizes.

    To the LG OLED owner, I hope you feel better after that lengthy rant. Hahaha. Sounds like the Bravia died which has nothing to do with Amazon. And LG definitely has nothing to do with Amazon. Then there was another comment about a Roku Streambar and an Omni set. Why would you buy a FTV OS television, if you were going to run Roku? Seems counterintuitive to do so. Just curious is all.

    • Anthony Rossetti says:

      The Bravia didn’t die the fire stick will just not turn it on anymore through CEC or switch the input when the fire TV stick is woken up , it used to work before for years.
      And the thing with LG and Amazon is that Amazon has zero QC on Alexa skills, go look at the reviews for the LG skill, it has all 1 star reviews and everyone is complaining it doesn’t work at all.
      it just doesn’t work and Amazon should not allow LG to advertise that their TV’s work with Alexa and let LG publish garbage skills in their Alexa skill store.
      Amazon should just tell LG to get their S together or GTFO.

      Also I am fed up with the downgrading of fire OS. I can no longer view my cameras, because it says “cameras don’t work on this device” and there is no fix, but even if they do pull up they changed the camera views and it sucks now, the huge white “minimize to PIP” button in the middle of the screen can not be removed or hidden and the top and bottom of the screen is dimmed out now, my stick with the updates blocked with the old camera viewer don’t have any of these problems.
      This is just ridiculous and piss poor design on the part of Fire TV devs
      and they need to change it, it can damage peoples TV’s with burn in on OLEDs and plasmas.
      the button should autohide after a second or two if no button on the remote are touched or there should be away to hide it, maybe by pressing the menu button on the remote.
      it is annoying and obstructive and also can ruin your TV if you have an OLED or plasma.

      Also they made it difficult for live TV and to use my recast, I know they discontinued the recast but maybe they should make another one with ATSC 3 tuners now.
      another feature my so called premium LG OLED is missing besides Alexa, an ATSC3 tuner.

      • Mark says:

        I meant the input/CEC function died. Have you tried a different fire stick? I say this only because all of my FTV devices I use CEC on, works.

        • Anthony Rossetti says:

          No I will need to do further testing
          Maybe the Bravia got an update that broke something I will try to trouble shoot the the TV and try another stick on it.
          My other stick works on the LG, the one on the LG is latest FW the one on the Bravia has FW updates blocked.

          • dennycranium says:

            You might want to try disabling the CEC and run the manage equipment wizard again.
            The firestick remote should be able to power on the TV and switch inputs without using CEC. My 3rd Gen Cube is giving me no issues.

          • Anthony Rossetti says:

            But doesn’t the manage equipment option have to do with the IR function of the fire TV remote and not with CEC?
            When the remote turns on the TV I am pretty sure it is just using the fire TV remote as a universal IR remote and it is not using CEC to switch on the TV.
            All I know is that I ma having problems with both my LG and my Bravia with CEC.
            I use the Bravia with the fire stick directly and I used the LG with a Yamaha AVR.
            The stick will switch on the TV but I get no picture or sound half the time because it doesn’t tur on on the AVR, but it is an intermittent problem and I can’t figure out why.
            with the RBavia it just doesn’t work at all anymore and it worked for years, the Bravia is pre Google , the last model they made before they changed to Google TV.
            I will never buy LG or Sony ever again their software is hot garbage, especially web OS, it’s a trash fire.
            I never had any problems with my old 2008 Panasonic plasma
            I find it ridiculous that CEC has gotten much worse after 15 year, it hasn’t improved it has broken completely.
            the eARC doesn’t work on the LG either
            LG = Lifes Garbage
            anyone want to buy a 55″ C1, with the film still on the panel
            I really need to get rid of this POS.
            I wonder how much the new Panasonic 55″ Panasonic MZ2000 will cost, but I don’t really care at this point I just want to be rid of these garbage TV’s, they are nothing but a headache and take 9 years to even switch on.

  5. Caster says:

    What happened to Amazon’s Fling?

  6. John Derry says:

    My Victrola is getting harder and harder to crank up. What oil do you recommend I use on it?

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