Amazon lets slip Candy Crush Saga coming to Fire TV

When Amazon boasted about the Fire TV’s app selection this morning, they said that “Popular new titles include Popcornflix, Funny Or Die, Candy Crush Saga, and Fox News.” Candy Crush Saga stands out in that list because it is not yet available for Fire TV devices. This isn’t the first time Amazon mentioned an unreleased app as if it were already available. A couple months before the Fox Sports app arrived on the Fire TV, Amazon featured it in a “what’s new” ad banner for the Fire TV. Given Amazon’s track record, it’s safe to assume Candy Crush Saga, one of the most popular mobile games of all time, will be making its TV debut on the Fire TV some time in the coming weeks.


The game is now available if you search for it on your Fire TV, even though Amazon’s website still shows the app as incompatible with the Fire TV.

  1. Pete says:

    It is available, I’m running it now on my Fire TV.

  2. Jason says:

    Anyone notice on the “Works With” menu it lists Game Controller and Mouse? Never have seen mouse as an option before.

  3. Jeff says:

    They need to add Plants Vs Zombies 2. I still don’t why that isn’t on Amazon yet.

    • Pete says:

      Agreed! That would be a fantastic casual game for AFTV

    • chris says:

      It is not Amazons fault that certain games or apps are not available as default Fire TV apps. Its really nobodys fault, its just that companies either are not interested in making default apps for the Fire TV, have not got around to it yet or maybe they have and Amazon was not interested in having the app as a default Fire TV app. A lot of the time companies work with others like Amazon and Apple to bring apps and games to their devices so it may just be a situation where one of the partys are not interested or they simply have not communcated. A good example of this is when companies refuse to make apps for Android or IOS devices. I have seen several companies say they will never make their app or game available for Android devices or IOS devices. There are several hundred extremely popular IOS apps that have never been made available for Android device and vice versa. My guess is that a lot of companies will not produce native apps for the Fire TV especially when a lot of the apps already work on the Fire TV anyway. I prefer nonnative apps, cause I like to use my mouse with all my apps. Plus I do not like the layout of most of the native Fire TV apps. Like AOL GO, the Fire TV version is horrible, but the regular version is awesome, and in my opinion the regular version of all the Fire TV apps are much better. I do not have one native Fire TV app installed on my device and proably never will unless the regular version just does not work for some reason. I do not see myself wanting any app bad enough to use the Fire TV version of any app though.

  4. Brian Miller says:

    The Amazon game controller works okay with this game but I have a difficult time lining up the circle dot on the desired button. I thought at first it was the controller but it’s something with game. Hopping they improve this and make it easier to use with Amazon game controller.

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