Amazon leaks existance of unreleased ‘Halo Rise’ fitness device and 2nd-gen Echo Auto

While looking up information for my Fire HD 8 tablet comparison table I realized that Amazon has prematurely updated its device warranty information page with at least a couple of products that have not been released. The first is an all-new fitness device in Amazon’s Halo lineup called the Halo Rise. The next unreleased addition is an update to Amazon’s car-centric Echo Auto device. There are also a couple of changes to how Fire TV models are listed which could be hinting at new devices in that lineup as well.

Screenshot of Amazon Device Warranty page showing unreleased Halo Rise

Amazon released the Amazon Halo band back in 2020 as its first fitness tracker. Having no screen and the controversial feature of analyzing the tone of your voice through onboard microphones, the device doesn’t seem to have been very well received, judging by its relatively low 3.7-star rating. That device was quickly followed up the next year with a more conventional fitness band, the Halo View, which has a screen and no microphones. With only a little over 2,500 reviews in its first year of existence, it doesn’t seem to be a big success either.

Rather than updating either of those two fitness devices with a 2nd generation version, it appears as though Amazon is giving the fitness device category another go with an all-new device called the Halo Rise. Odds are it’s another wearable fitness tracker that goes on your wrist, but nothing other than the name is known at this time, so your guess is as good as mine.

Screenshot of Amazon Device Warranty page showing unreleased Echo Auto (2nd Gen) accessories

Another recent change to Amazon’s warranty information page is the addition of entries for an “Adhesive Car Mount for Echo Auto (2nd Gen)” and an entry for an “Adjustable Car Vent Mount for Echo Auto (2nd Gen).” The original Echo Auto was released way back in 2018 and has never been updated with a new version. The new warranty entries referencing a 2nd-gen model are pretty compelling evidence that a new Echo Auto is about to be released. The need for entirely new car mount accessories is a good indication that the next Echo Auto will be physically different from the existing version.

Screenshot of Amazon Device Warranty page showing Fire TV changes

The last couple of noteworthy changes to Amazon’s warranty information page revolve around Fire TV devices. Oddly, the entry which read “Fire TV Cube (2nd Generation or earlier)” has been removed entirely and there is no longer any mention of the “Fire TV Cube.” I suspect this is simply a mistake, since even long discontinued devices remain listed on the page, so there’s no reason to no longer list the 1st and 2nd-gen Fire TV Cubes. My guess is that someone meant to update the Fire TV Cube listing to be inclusive of the upcoming 3rd-gen model that I discovered, but simply forgot to add the new entry after removing the old one.

Lastly, Amazon has changed the entry that once read “Amazon Fire TV Omni Series” to now be “Amazon Fire TV Omni 4K Series.” The explicit addition of “4K” to the entry for Amazon’s hands-free Fire TV Smart TVs could be an indication that 720p or 1080p variants of Amazon’s own TVs will soon be announced. Insignia, Toshiba, and several other brands have been selling non-4K Fire TV Smart TVs for many years, so it wouldn’t be a surprise to see Amazon release its own branded TVs in that market segment as well.

Amazon has announced that its big annual device announcement event will be held next week on September 28th. It seems very likely that a new Halo Rise fitness device, a 2nd-gen Echo Auto, and some new Fire TV devices will be part of the announcement.


Since the release of this article, Amazon has now removed the unreleased devices from its warranty information page. An unedited screenshot of how the page appeared with the unreleased devices listed earlier today can be found below.

  1. Russ says:

    I just pulled my echo auto out out my f150. It was just to unreliable. I’m experimenting with an old fire tablet and my s21u running a hotspot, so far it’s better than the echo auto.

    • badbob001 says:

      I still use my echo auto with my android phone but need to have a tasker script periodically send a sound to the echo to keep the bluetooth connection alive. Otherwise, the connection somehow goes bad and the audio gets stuttery.

    • FranzB says:

      Good idea. I installed from the beginning an Echo Dot via mobile hotspot in my car. works excellent like at home.

  2. Steve says:

    I was hoping for a 2nd generation Omni TV series featuring local dimming

  3. Roger says:

    I’m hoping for a 2nd Gen Echo Studio. I’ve been holding out all year for it.

  4. Robert Wilson says:

    I love the auto, but it would be even better if it had a rechargeable battery, to make it wireless.

  5. Anthony Rossetti says:

    They should make an echo show auto
    one that can act as a wireless android auto screen
    and/ or make fire 7 and HD 8 tablets with an echo show auto mode
    have the GPS data sent from your phone
    allow wireless android auto connection or make their own front end
    for calls, navigation and music
    also still waiting for them to put magnets a 3 or 4 pin connector on the side like ipads for folio keyboards
    they should also make speaker docks that use the same side connector so you can dock a tablet to a speaker dock and turn it into an echo show

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