Amazon launches Prime Now site with same-day deliveries


Amazon has launched a new dedicated website for Prime Now, the same-day delivery service that first launched on mobile devices. The service has expanded quite a bit since first launching to now include 25 major metropolitan areas across the country. Prime Now still offers free 2-hour delivery, as well as 1-hour delivery for $7.99, for Amazon items, but now also includes delivery from local stores like Sprouts Farmers Market and Sprinkles. Additionally, the service now offers free 1-hour delivery from local restaurants. First time shoppers can use promo code 10PRIMENOW to receive $10 off their first order. Combine that with the current Fire TV sale and you can buy a Fire TV from Prime Now for $74.99. You can also use promo code EATNOW10 to receive $10 off your first restaurant order.

  1. nyder says:

    Nice, so I ordered yesterday the $40 Fire 7″ tablet, 2 day shipping, so it won’t show up till tomorrow. Now this comes out, $10 off, and I can get it in 2 hours. Only saved $5 because the driver gets a $5 tip. After it shows up, canceling the other order. Funny thing is, I signed up for prime just for the 2 days free shipping.

  2. awdahelwidit says:

    Site has been live for a couple of weeks now.

    Two solid state drives, a sustain pedal, bbq sandwich, gyro, and fish & chips. All in 31 minutes.

    If only I could schedule breakfast. :-)

  3. Jim says:

    Where is sprout stores on the site? Cant find it, im at 94122 and i jnow there is one about 10 miles from me.

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