Amazon launches huge sale on Fire TVs, Echos, Cameras, Kindles, and more

Amazon has just kicked off a large sale on most of its devices. Discounted items include nearly all Fire TV modes, most Fire TV Smart TVs, Echo smart speakers, Echo Show smart displays, Blink security cameras, Kindle e-readers, and more. Some of these prices are the lowest they have ever been and others are on sale for the first time ever, so this sale is definitely worth checking out. Read on for the full list of discounted Amazon devices.

Fire TV

Fire TV Smart TVs


Echo Show


  1. clocks says:

    Pretty much every item except the one I want(the new stick). haha

  2. Name says:

    Do you think they’ll ever revisit the Recast and do a new model?

    • I don’t see it happening until ATSC 3.0 is widespread. As it is now, the Recast is a niche product and it’s mostly serving its purpose for its customers. Sure, there are features people wish it had, but I don’t see it being updated until there is a major reason to do so, like ATSC 3.0 4K support.

  3. cheryl jones says:

    Does the echo flex still exist?

    • Zeric says:

      The product page says “Currently unavailable”. According to “digitaltrends DOT com/home/history-of-amazon-echo/” they have been discontinued.

      Hopefully they will work for a few years as I purchased 3 last December when they were only $10.

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